WMC Devotes Two Building 3 Floors to Lighting
March 30, 2012 - 3:14pm

Although World Market Center (WMC) officials quell rumors that Phase 3 of its 57-acre campus is dedicated to lighting, the Las Vegas home furnishings marketplace is ready to announce more specific plans for what will fill the new building, scheduled for completion in 2008.

“As we evolve into future buildings, I would love to think that we could expand to two million square feet with lighting,” says Babs Blair, Director of Leasing for WMC. “But the truth is, we’ve just gotten to the place where, based on the numbers, we can allocate enough space to satisfy different segments of the industry. We want to be sure to offer a complementary mix in Building 3 that creates depth and diversity for a wide range of buyers. We’ve now set aside two floors—10 and 11—exclusively for lighting.”

WMC’s hope is for Building 3 to offer a diverse lineup of categories, a one-stop shop to excite buyers. The lighting segment, approximately 140,000 square feet per floor, will expand over time if there is enough demand.

While current exhibitors whose businesses are mostly portables may choose to stay in their current locations, WMC is encouraging fixture companies to sign on to the new, more focused space.

“Our goal is to attract the lighting buyers, designers and specialty retailers,” Blair says. “Contract and hospitality lighting will also be a focus in the new space.”

While plans for Building 3 gather speed, WMC continues to sign lighting industry vendors onto leases in existing Building 1 and the nearly completed Building 2. WMC recently announced that several new lighting manufacturers, including Crystorama, Oriental Accent, Chelsea House and Renaissance, will join the lineup of permanent showrooms set to debut along with Building 2 at the 2007 Winter Market.

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