WithIt Announces 2013 Board of Directors
January 9, 2013 - 3:29pm
Betty Lynn Eller, Vice President, Home Division of IMRE, will be the organization's new president.

WithIt, the women's leadership network serving the home and furnishings industries, announced its 2013 Board of Directors.

Betty Lyn Eller, Vice President, Home Division of IMRE, a marketing agency, takes the helm as 2013’s WithIt president.

WithIt was founded in 1997, as a non-profit dedicated to mentoring, education, networking and leadership development. The group exists to encourage and develop leadership opportunities for women. As well, the organization connects, brings recognition and supports women who have achieved top leadership. WithIt provides opportunities for women to mentor or be mentored, teach or be taught and encourage all women who aspire to grow their leadership.

The WithIt board is made up of an executive committee, vice presidents who lead committees, vice presidents who represent industry functions and vice presidents who represent geographic regions. Serving in 2013 in addition to Eller are:

• Chairman, board of governors: Mary Leigh Howell, Principal, Howell Communications

• Chairman, WithIt: Julia Rosien, Chief Idea Officer, Social North

• Vice President/President Elect: Violette Forman, General Manager, Havertys Furniture

• Secretary: Cindy Williams, Vice President, Sales, Wright Global Graphic Solutions

• Treasurer: Peg Whitehurst, Vice President, Finance, Norwalk Furniture

Vice presidents and committee chairs are:

• Education: Pat Bowling, Vice President of Communications, American Home Furnishings Alliance

• Marketing: Amanda Williams, Public Relations Account Supervisor, Wray Ward

• Media: Lisa Hanly, Vice President, Corporate Communications/public Relations, Furniture Brands

• Membership: Kim Grubb, Vice President, Sales, Wright Global Graphic Solutions

• Mentoring: Amy Schmidt, Vice President of Merchandising Communications, FurnitureDealer.net

• Networking: Margi Kyle, owner and Interior Designer, The Designing Doctor

• Social Networking: Dana Helms, Social Media Community Manager, Social North

Vice president at large officers, serving as representatives of industry functions, are:

• Manufacturing: Carol Gregg, President, Red Egg

• Youth Outreach: Victoria Valentinas, Visual Merchandising Coordinator, Bassett Furniture

• Supplier/Design: Libby Langdon, President, Libby Interiors Inc.

Regional vice presidents are tasked with building membership and developing events in their regions. These 2013 officers are:

• Virginias/Carolinas: Trisha Kemerly, President, WhipSmart Creative

• International: Donna Bartlett, President, ViewIt Technologies

Sara Lyke remains WithIt's Executive Director and Amy VanDorp is Membership/Media Manager.

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