Winners Announced in New Next Generation Luminaires Design Competition
March 7, 2012 - 3:56pm

Are you a lighting showroom owner who’s been waiting to see an LED lighting application you can really get excited about? If so, it’s time to get excited. 

On Feb. 19, the U.S. Department of Energy, the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America and the International Association of Lighting Designers gave out awards to companies with outstanding LED lighting products, some of which were still in an experimental phase and others that are ready for the general public.

Founded last year, the Next Generation Luminaires competition was designed to encourage more lighting companies to develop more marketable LED lighting that can be used for general illumination.

A total of 29 lighting companies entered the first annual competition, submitting a total of 68 different lighting applications. Of those, 22 were recognized in the market-ready category.

Of those, there were several of special interest to lighting showroom owners who specialize in residential lighting.

Tech Lighting, for example, won for its LED decorative pendants, which have a light output of 200 lumens and use only 5.6 watts of power. The pendants can be used with low-voltage systems and are available in 40 different shapes, colors and finishes, making them both energy efficient and consumer friendly.

Another winner was the Led72 from MP Lighting, a sleek, modern-looking square light that hangs from a track. The 12 x 1.2 watt fixture is perfect for accent lighting and directional illumination and is dimmable with a remote driver. It has a light output of 373 lumens and uses 18.3 watts of power. It also comes in four different color temperatures and three beam spreads, making it highly adaptable to different environments.

All of the products were reviewed by a panel of 14 judges who looked at the lighting performance of each product as well as its appearance, construction and photometric data. Judges also selected three outstanding products to receive the “Best in Class” designation.

One Best in Class award went to Journee Lighting for its AZARA track-mounted luminaires. The luminaires have a light output of 249 lumens and only use 6.9 watts, and you can adjust them to have either a 6-watt, 8-watt or 10-watt brightness. The track-mounted lights also can come on a 24 Volt monorail or on monopoint canopies.

Another Best in Class award went to Winona Lighting for its STEP03 indoor/outdoor step lighting. These innovative step lights can be used in dry and wet locations and can come with custom paint finishes. The lights offer great lateral distribution of the light as well as integral drivers. And best of all they provide 454 lumens while only using 21.7 watts of power.

The final Best in Class award went to GE Lighting for its Immersion jewelry case lighting. These strips of LED lights come in lengths ranging from 24 inches to 72 inches long, have a light output of 1,494 lumens and only use 42.5 watts.

A total of five products were recognized in the emerging products category, including two linear pendants, a low-profile downlight, a round ceiling-mount fixture and a submersible linear fixture.

For more information on all the winning entries, please visit

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