Will New Energy Star Regulations Affect Program Participation?
August 3, 2012 - 5:05pm
A new survey by the American Lighting Assn. (ALA) suggests that fewer lighting products will be submitted for approval.

ALA recently did a survey to ascertain how new Energy Star® requirements will affect the number of companies who choose to participate in the program.

American Lighting Assn. (ALA) President and CEO Dick Upton says the survey found that many lighting manufacturers plan to submit fewer products to the program.

“We learned that manufacturers are going to reduce their participation in Energy Star,” 
Upton says.

According to Upton, 25 of the 27 lighting manufacturers who responded said they plan to submit fewer products for Energy Star. On average, respondents said they would reduce the number of SKUs submitted by 75 percent.

Upton says these results have been shared with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and that ALA is continuing to have a dialogue with them on this issue

“Energy efficiency is important, and Energy Star has a very recognized label, so from that perspective, it’s in our interest to work with them and make any adjustments we can to make it easier for manufacturers to participate,” Upton says.

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