What's the Story?
April 14, 2009 - 12:00pm

Scene: Lighting showroom at an important market.

Enter eager Journalist seeking Sales & Marketing type. One such individual approaches Journalist.

Sales & Marketing type:

“Do you have any questions?”


“Yes. I was hoping you could give me a quick tour

of your company’s latest and greatest intros.”

Sales & Marketing type (in dull monotone):

“Sure. The new items are marked by a blue sticker.

Come find me if you have any other questions.”


    I’m astonished by how often this scenario occurs, and I’m curious to know whether it also happens to you, the buyers.Perhaps since I’m not going to write a large order, certain stingy individuals would rather not waste their time giving me their market spiel (even though the pages of my magazine can introduce potential new buyers to those blue sticker-bedecked products).


    Regardless, where’s the enthusiasm? Market is exhibitors’ prom, their chance to wow customers with the parade of new products their team works so hard to develop and package each season. Great design is great design, no matter which way you slice it. But the cool factor can certainly be overlooked or somewhat diminished by a lack of presentation. And something needs to set apart those standard issue items developed to cater to the mainstream. That “here they are, have at them” attitude will send most folks next door.


    A rousing pitch also provides a source of inspiration for retailers once you have those products on your sales floor. You have to work just as hard to capture consumers’ fancy. Keep this in mind while you’re shopping Dallas this month. Remember which showrooms stirred the most excitement about their product and jot down some notes to help you recreate it. It won’t be hard to forget those that didn’t put forth the effort.





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