For Laurie Gross, President of Gross Electric in Toledo, OH, and Ann Arbor, MI, it’s simple math. “We’ll make more money selling good product than old product,” she says. And so, earlier this year she cleared out the “junk”—... read more
The National Mall in Washington, D.C., was covered in construction and crowds during the Solar Decathlon, Oct. 12-20. High-tech solar-paneled louvered doors helped Germany’s Technische Universität Darmstadt team win the... read more
In January blogger “Susanna” fed this item to mega-retailer Lamps Plus’ LightPost! Web site ( “The colorful, jewelry-like look of this table lamp from our Bijoux Collection caught the eye of the Woman’s... read more
Amid a fanfare of public relations and environmental goodwill, Wal-Mart recently pledged to sell 100 million compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) by the year 2008. This pledge sent a collective shudder through the greater... read more
“Buying a shade without a lamp is like buying a hat without your head.” That’s the industry adage lighting veteran Ashton Harrison laughingly quotes when asked how she handles lamp shade displays in her... read more
If Karen Wolf were a type of lighting, she says she’d be a color-changing LED.   It’s an appropriate choice for this industry dynamo, principal of The Wolf Group—her self-titled manufacturers’ rep organization... read more
Already in its pilot stages, the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System™ for Homes is set to officially launch this coming summer, causing industry insiders who watched LEED... read more
Landscape lighting can be one of the most intimidating categories to conquer. “If customers come in wanting to light their bedroom, they already have some level of experience,” says Joe Rey-Barreau, ALA instructor and... read more
It’s true: Members of the design trade are picky. They are opinionated. And they have great profit potential. Yet, concerned that designers’ and architects’ needs are too great (a whole-home makeover), too limited (one or... read more
From former models to home furnishings divas, big-time businessmen to small-screen stars, the licensing phenomenon is alive and well. Licensees like Elk Lighting (Trump Home, Biltmore Estate), Murray Feiss (Martha Stewart,... read more
It’s not uncommon for customers to traipse through the employees’ break room at Brooklyn Park, MN’s Lights on Broadway. Though many will get an offer to sample lunches as they pass through, they’re there to check out the... read more
Lighting showrooms deal with two types of builders: smaller, locally owned companies with tight budgets and margins and large, national companies—also with tight budgets and margins. The resulting tendency to point clients—... read more
When Brian Kleinberg of Elements Distinctive Lighting & Home Furnishings in Carle Place, NY, accepted the ARTS Award for East/Atlantic Lighting Showroom at the 17th annual gala in January, he had a lot to say, and he... read more
You can’t miss Metro Lighting’s towering facade at dusk—it beckons with a light show, as LED illumination runs the course of the color spectrum. Owner Bill Frisella purchased the facility last year as a central shipping... read more
California’s Title 24, compact fluorescent technology, LED alternatives: As the call for—and debate about—energy-efficient illumination has dominated industry forums in recent years, such terms have become familiar entries... read more
Many of the out-there designs springing forth from European (and even some smaller American) markets may seem the equivalent of haute couture. Sure, they’re interesting to look at, but wherever would you put them?... read more
 When was the last time a customer (who wasn’t a contractor or designer) asked for a product by name and item number? “When customers are shopping, they’re typically more interested in design and value,” says Brian... read more
Tania Frampton: Inspiration for fan designscan come from anything—something you’ve seen in a magazine or on a piece of furniture, how you like the blend of a certain metal with a certain wood or even an appliance. One... read more
The American Lighting Assn.’s Education Foundation received a major boost at the June Dallas Market thanks to a new coffee table book that chronicles the history of the chandelier. Commis-sioned by Savoy House and featuring... read more
Although World Market Center (WMC) officials quell rumors that Phase 3 of its 57-acre campus is dedicated to lighting, the Las Vegas home furnishings marketplace is ready to announce more specific plans for what will fill... read more

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