Not in mybackyard. There simply can’t be folks making lighting products on U.S. soil in 2008. That’s crazy talk. Sorry for the sarcasm, but the “Made in the U.S.A.” label is such a rarity in our industry these days, it... read more
Darned if we lighting folk aren’t a malcontented lot. We’re never quite satisfied these days, are we? We not only demand that our products be aesthetically striking and fashionable, not to mention competitively priced, but... read more
The green giant doesn’t seem so jolly these days. (No, I’m not referring to the iconic vegetable purveyor.) The widespread movement toward ecological responsibility has become quite the behemoth, but the warm fuzzies that... read more
I have something super exciting to show you. Pay a visit to our Web site,—pretty please! We’ve completely overhauled the look and content and are relaunching the site this month, and I’m just... read more
Randall Whitehead likes to play with dolls. I’m serious: The man is so enamored of dolls that he’s written a book about them. Available this month, “Lost Dolls: The Hidden Lives of Toys” presents photographs Whitehead has... read more
Americans love to save money—no doubt about that. But we also hate to sacrifice anything to do so. We're accustomed to having it all in the "land of plenty." That's why, despite new legislation and soaring... read more
Our industry is not young in any literal sense, but it does enjoy a youthful vibrancy. Steeped in family tradition and small enough to depend upon the strength of longterm relationships, it would seem more akin to an elder... read more
Pop has become our culture. As connected as we all are via various high-tech gadgetry, we still seem to communicate most clearly and enthusiastically through lingo concocted absurdly from shared entertainment: “You... read more
It’s all about the mashed potatoes. I know I can eat them any night of the year, but Thanksgiving gives me an excuse to stuff myself silly on them, and I do so love them. So, whenever I think about what Thanksgiving... read more
Understandably skittish in the wake of Katrina’s recent devastation, some attendees left the 2005 American Lighting Assn. Conference a little bit early when the initial stages of Hurricane Rita came knocking on the... read more
Not too many would decorate their home with an octopus. But Jürgen Reichert didn’t strive for mass-market success when he designed the Octopuslucidus “light creature” in “Euro Flash” (December... read more
Drowning in a sea of fixtures—I know, I can hear the collective groan from you, dear readers, at the mere mention. Not only are you tired of the cliché you’re also sick to death of lectures about visual... read more
The Thursday afternoon “Hot Dog Bar” says it all. Everybody who’s anybody in lighting needs to show up for the January Dallas Market, specifically on the third and fourth floors of the Trade Mart, where... read more
You can’t please everybody. But you should at least give the impression that you’re trying to do so.   Sounds a touch nefarious, doesn’t it? Well, I’m not actually promoting outright... read more
Self-help types say it’s best to live “in the moment.” I agree that it’s never good to dwell on the past, but perhaps I’m too Type A not to anticipate and plan for the future. And it seems you... read more
Today’s consumers can be a darned demanding lot. You’d think a good product selection, knowledgeable sales staff and quality customer service would be enough to earn their patronage. But “experience... read more
Chandra Palermo, Editor I haven’t been entirely faithful to this industry. As the Editor also for Hospitality Lighting and Accessory Merchandising, I often have flings with markets more tailored to those... read more
Chandra Palermo Editor MILAN, April 18 — The mothership has landed. There’s never a shortage of eccentricity and flamboyance at Italy’s biennial lighting market, Euroluce. And for post-show coverage, it generally... read more
Chandra Palermo Editor Sheesh, do we have our work cut out for us. While the lighting industry scrambles to supply more fashionable and technologically advanced options for the increasingly green-minded consumer, a... read more
Maybe we need something like Esperanto. Remember the international language a learned few hoped would become a universal second tongue to unite our world’s disparate cultures? It never quite took off on a large scale... read more

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