When Georgia’s Southern Lighting Gallery decided to convert a dreary warehouse area into a hot spot for consumers shopping for ceiling fans, owner Brent Smith had a clear vision: “We decided to make it a destination.” So... read more
Residential Lighting: What is social media? Debbie Weil: It’s the ability for people to interact online. They can talk to each other and exchange opinions on everything from politics to where to go on vacation. It’s not just... read more
“2010 will be the year that new kinds of controls and new ways to use lighting controls will appear as we seek to further reduce the use of energy for residential lighting while maintaining the lighting quality, appearance,... read more
Gene Kessler: I started out with Franz GT Kessler Designs, which markets wooden lamps. I like working with wood in its rough, unfinished form. My favorite woods are black walnut, cherry, maple and mahogany. All the finishes... read more
Remember the old Breck Shampoo commercials, where a shiny, happy Breck Girl told two friends and they told two friends and so on and so on? The woman’s face and voice multiplied with each telling, resulting in a chorus of “... read more
In a down economy, a spike in replacement lamp shade sales would make all the sense in the world. The reality? Top lamp and shade stores say their business is always good, no matter which way the economic winds blow — no big... read more
Residential Lighting: What are the latest developments in marketing? Dave Clark: We’ve seen a dramatic evolution in how people get their information. Not many people 10 years ago could have imagined we’d carry telephones... read more
Hutton Wilkinson [pictured right]: Tony Duquette [left] was the first American to have a show at the Louvre in Paris. That 1951 show included lighting, furniture, jewelry, paintings and sculpture. He was chosen to represent... read more
Did you ever think we’d see the other side of 2009? Man, what a character builder! Even if we’re not entirely out of the woods, there’s something truly cathartic about putting a chronological chapter of this economic epic to... read more
For the customer who simply needs a new task lamp, a well priced item on any retailer’s shelf can fill the bill. But for those who seek optimal light for work and study, the solution’s not quite so simple. That’s when it’s... read more
It began innocuously enough. In a casual conversation, Shelley Wang of WAC Lighting and Nathan Frampton of Fanimation observed a lack of networking opportunities for young members of their industry. And it was from this... read more
Residential Lighting: Tell us about The 3|50 Project. Cinda Baxter: The 3|50 Project asks consumers to think of three locally owned businesses that they would miss if they disappeared, and then to pop in and pick up a little... read more
Lilian August: I live and breathe what I do. I’m an artist, and about 30 years ago, Imperial Wallcoverings found me and asked if I could design a wallcovering that looked like my work. Then one of my sons wrote his senior... read more
ALA EDUCATIONAL SEMINARS The American Lighting Assn.’s (ALA) seminar lineup for the January 2010 market offers a powerhouse tool kit to help showrooms succeed in this new year and beyond. All seminars are held in the ALA... read more
Be one of the first recipients of the SHOWROOM OF THE YEAR Awards, which will honor retailers in categories based on sales volume, with specialty awards recognizing outstanding achievements in key areas (merchandising... read more
It’s official — we’ve now produced 200 issues. I was going to resist any kind of self-reflexive retrospective. After all, does it make sense to look back at a time when our industry needs to keep its focus so firmly forward... read more
COMPANY NAME: World Market Center Las Vegas HQ LOCATION: Las Vegas WEB SITE: OUR COMPANY IS KNOWN FOR being an integrated home and hospitality contract furnishings trade complex. WHAT MAKES US UNIQUE? Retailers... read more
COMPANY NAME: WAC Lighting HQ LOCATION: Garden City, NY WEB SITE: OUR COMPANY IS KNOWN FOR being a leading manufacturer and designer of track, recessed, under-cabinet, monorail and decorative lighting. We... read more
COMPANY NAME: Uttermost HQ LOCATION: Rocky Mount, VA WEB SITE: OUR COMPANY IS KNOWN FOR fashion-forward designs by the industry’s top designers. Our designers include Carolyn Kinder, Grace Feyock, Billy... read more
COMPANY NAME: Uncommon Radiance HQ LOCATION: Chicago WEB SITE: OUR COMPANY IS KNOWN FOR exceptional and unique hand-blown Czech glass used in new families and fixtures made here in the United States... read more

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