Long known for being on the forefront of all of the newest lighting technologies, Lighting Unlimited is now focusing on LED systems. Staffed with an electrical engineer, experienced lighting designers and a dedicated... read more
A fire destroyed Cleveland Lighting’s original location in a matter of hours, yet the business never stopped. After moving into temporary quarters and getting help from vendors and even competitors, the company had to make a... read more
If you’re wondering why the print edition of September Residential Lighting is mailing later than usual, rest assured we’ve got a good reason. I know, I know — you’re used to getting print issues from us in a timely fashion... read more
There are two sides to energy-efficient lighting’s story, especially when it comes to dimming CFLs and LEDs. “Over the last several years, CFLs have become ever more popular, but LEDs are quickly entering the market as the... read more
Residential Lighting: What is the Sustainable Furnishings Council? Susan Inglis: Our members are a balanced coalition of companies that have various roles in the industry, including suppliers, manufacturers, interior... read more
Angela McDonald: People are sometimes pleasantly surprised that energy-efficient sources are acceptable and compatible with a residential setting. The designer can combine halogen, LED and compact fluorescent sources... read more
As the popularity and potential of social media continues to explode exponentially, it's no longer being viewed as a fad, but a fundamental shift in the way we communicate — and do business. With this reality in mind, the... read more
I expected better from House Beautiful. The headline on the magazine's recent website slideshow read: "10 Ceiling Fans That Aren't Ugly." Really? I haven't heard such a backhanded compliment since someone once told me I'm... read more
With global mass merchants like IKEA having such a firm hold on younger consumers’ home purchases, how can independent retailers compete? And why would they even want to? Cultivating a younger client base is simply smart... read more
Residential Lighting: Why is public relations so valuable? Mary Lou Denny: Placement of your story on a website, magazine or newspaper makes you look the same size as anybody else. It’s a great way to build your brand, image... read more
At May's Accessories Resource Team (ART) Conference, Andrea Sinkin and Jaye Anna Mize from Fashion Snoops ( offered home trend forecasts through spring 2012. When Mize indicated that she follows... read more
FEATURED SPEAKERS KEYNOTE: Tuesday, Sept. 21, 7:45 a.m. The Encore Effect - How to Give a Remarkable Performance in Anything You Do Mark Sanborn, CSP, CPAE The lighting industry is your stage, and you need to deliver a... read more
In the age of Internet advertising and marketing, many lighting showrooms have junked their ad jingles, but that could be a big mistake. A website is certainly a must today, but its silent, faceless communications do little... read more
 A good number of the leaders in the industry at the showroom, rep and vendor level have been regular supporters and active members of the American Lighting Assn. (ALA) for years, I would still encounter those who were... read more
ALA SEMINARS IN DALLAS While slightly condensed this year, the American Lighting Assn. (ALA) seminar lineup for the June Dallas Market packs a powerful punch. All sessions are led by Norm Brown, CLC®, of Norburn Lighting... read more
Finalist, Revenue $5 Million+ Wolfers Lighting Allston, MA A loyal, informed salesforce has kept Wolfers Lighting ahead of the pack. Lighting is a passion at the 69-year-old business, a fact not missed by architects,... read more
Finalist, Revenue $5 Million+ Wilson Lighting Naples, FL Having more product selection than any other local lighting showroom keeps customers coming back to Wilson Lighting. In addition to carrying top American lighting... read more
Finalist, Revenue Under $2 Million United Lighting Co. Montgomery, AL United Lighting opened its doors in 1963. When its founder died in the late 1990s, the company experienced some hard times. Then, in 2007, the current... read more
Finalist, Revenue $5 Million+ Southern Lighting Gallery Augusta, GA “In the current lighting economy where things are changing daily and tough times are being had by all, Southern Lighting Gallery is the type of business... read more
Finalist, Revenue Under $2 Million Shades of Light Richmond, VA Why would someone recommend Shades of Light, a 5,000-square-foot showroom? According to the company’s entry, here’s the answer: The staff is pleasant, extremely... read more

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