Barry Dixon
Dixon: I go to two places for inspiration. One, the history of design and ornamentation. We’re going back centuries to the Greeks and Romans, to artists, architects and craftsmen — to anonymous sparks of thought and design... read more
Beth Hayden
Residential Lighting: What is Pinterest?Beth Hayden: Pinterest is a social networking site that allows you to create online collages of images and videos, and share those collages with your followers. It’s different from... read more
Front-of-house displays are prime real estate for any lighting retailer. But at Connecticut Lighting Centers in Hartford, CT, switches and dimmers — not decorative products — greet folks as they enter. “The first thing you... read more
Eunice Noell-Waggoner
Residential Lighting: What lighting functionalities do we need for an aging population?Eunice Noell-Waggoner: The key words are quantity and quality. Let’s explore quality first. What a young person might describe as “... read more
Marks: My process for designing a light is always dependent on the location where it’s going. Often times, I re-work vintage fixtures by changing scale, finishes, and bulb locations so that they fit the room they are... read more
Rick Wiedemer
Residential Lighting: What does your 90th anniversary mean to you?Rick Wiedemer: We’re in our fourth generation of ownership. What’s most meaningful to me is that we’ve been able to remain in business for such a long period... read more
Ken Ludwig
Ludwig: I started very young, probably 10 or 11, drawing architecture — floor plans and “fantasy space cities.” As I look back, it must have been what drew me to interior design and my love of home furnishing products. I am... read more
Nicole Bowling
Like many people in the lighting industry, David Director literally grew up in the business. In high school, he started working at his father’s showroom, Connecticut Lighting Centers, sweeping the floors and working in the... read more
Mary Ann Kelly, President of Platinum Lighting Concepts in Cranberry Township, PA, is brutally aware of the threat online e-tailers pose to her small lighting showroom. But Kelly understands that her brick-and-mortar store... read more
Taking on a move, expansion or renovation can be tricky, as Phillips Lighting & Home in Modesto, CA, discovered. When the retailer moved from a nearly 30,000-square-foot showroom to a brighter, more contemporary 9,000-... read more
Emma Lowry
Lowry: I travel to trade shows around the world from New York to London to Paris and all over Asia. Travel helps me to get understanding of current trends and allows me to see new elements that we want to make sure we get... read more
Dallas Market Center app
Nicole Bowling
The DallasMarket mobile app, a tool to help buyers and exhibitors navigate the Dallas International Lighting Market and keep up-to-date on Dallas Market Center (DMC) news and events, will turn one year old at the January... read more
Alexander Grusteidl
Residential Lighting: How can the online experience extend into retail? Alexander Grünsteidl: The way people relate to products is changing rapidly. You can find any chair, any lamp in some form of e-commerce online. But the... read more
Kristinn Leonhart
Residential Lighting: Tell us about the new Energy Star® requirements that recently went into effect. Kristinn Leonhart: In 20 years, with help from Energy Star partners, American families and businesses have saved $230... read more
EnergyStar Brentwood Missouri
When the staff at Metro Lighting found out they’d won the Energy Star® Excellence in Retailing award in 2010, they were beyond pleased at their good fortune. When they won it again the very next year, they were stunned. “We... read more
Aaron Humphrey
Humphrey: So many good LED products are coming out that it’s broadening the palette to design more sustainably. I finished the drawings for a Vail, CO, house in October. It’s a 10,000- square-foot house with 10 distinct LED... read more
LED Downlight Module
Ask any industry professional ”what’s next” for lighting and all will agree that LEDs are the future. But aside from LED replacement bulbs and a smattering of light fixtures here and there, how exactly will LED lighting be... read more
Philips Lighting University recently released its first app, Learn LED, which aims to serve as an on-the-go LED education tool. According to Philips, this is just the first in a series of mobile learning apps geared toward... read more
Residential Lighting: What are the biggest time drains for most folks? Jennifer Ledet: Looking for misplaced papers and documents. Plowing through e-mails. Drowning in information from social media. You can be doing... read more
Light Bulbs Etc.
How many people does it take to help consumers learn about new light bulbs? Just one showroom, if it’s ready. “The [energy-efficiency movement] has become a huge opportunity for independent lighting stores,” says Melvyn Kahn... read more

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