Progressive Lighting
Although lighting professionals know and understand all about the benefits of LEDs, many consumers are still hesitant to give up their beloved incandescents for an array of reasons. Given this pushback, how are showrooms... read more
Pokémon GO, SYLVANIA, 8th annual Socket Survey
The newest app sensation, Pokémon GO, has taken the world by storm. The augmented reality game allows players to capture Pokémon by using the GPS and camera on their phones. Along the way, they can stop at PokéStops or... read more
Nick Senofsky, LEDI
Residential Lighting: How did you get started with LED tape lights? Nick Senofsky: By training, I’m an electrical engineer. In 2007, I saw a huge need for a high-quality tape light. Tape lights were selling back then, but... read more
Jake Dyson
Q: Are you a product designer, product engineer or entrepreneur at heart?A: I’m an engineer at heart, as I’m fundamentally interested in the way things function and how they can be improved to work better and solve problems... read more
Lighting Etc.
Some lighting showrooms are ditching “traditional” advertising and relying solely on social media to market their stores. It can be time-consuming, but the costs are minimal, and when done properly it can bring plenty of... read more
Elizabeth Lyons
Q: How did you find your calling?A: My love of glass began when I was a young girl visiting my grandparents’ chandelier and mirror factory in New York City. I was completely enamored with this huge chest of tiny little... read more
Matt Belcher
Residential Lighting: What’s the outlook for homebuilding? Matt Belcher: The forecast for new home construction for the rest of this year and into next year is very good. The stock of existing homes has dried up, and... read more
Houzz & Home Survey 2016
2016 Houzz & Home Survey An annual Houzz survey of 120,000 respondents on residential remodeling, building and decorating activity in the United States found that kitchen and bath renovations are where people are... read more
IBB Design Fine Furnishings
There’s something to be said about learning from the experience of others — in personal matters and in business. Mom-and-pop shops have more in common than not, and those in related industries can truly relate, empathize and... read more
Shelia Butler
Residential Lighting: Can you briefly explain the top few reasons small businesses fail? Shelia Butler: This is a topic I love to talk about because like it or not, most small business struggle — the No. 1 reason they... read more
Gift manufacturer Evergreen Enterprises is redefining the capabilities of a brick-and-mortar showroom.  At the January Las Vegas Market, the company rolled out a new program called Evergreen On-Demand, an iPad-based... read more
Aviva Stanoff, Currey & Co., Modern Luxe
Q: Is this your first foray into hard goods? A:  Yes – and I am simultaneously nervous and excited about the opportunity Currey and Co. has given me to share my “forest” dreams in these product categories. My nickname... read more
Randall Whitehead, Lightovation, LED
Residential Lighting: You spoke about kitchen and bath lighting at Lightovation. What is the most common problem when lighting kitchens and baths?Randall Whitehead: In the kitchen, usually what people are faced with is a... read more
Expressions Home Gallery
Behind every successful business is a group of motivated and talented employees. Building a great staff is one of the most vital things a showroom can undertake to breed success, but how can you find the right people —... read more
Trisha Yearwood, IMAX Worldwide, Cowboy Collection
Q: How did a country music star end up with major furniture and accessory collections? A: Good question! It all started with writing the first cookbook, which led to two more cookbooks and a TV show on Food Network. I love... read more
ALA, Washington D.C.
American Lighting Assn. (ALA) staff and 11 members traveled to Washington, D.C. for its annual mission trip May 10-11. During the trip, the group met with 16 legislative parties as well as representatives from the U.S.... read more
Just before the spring High Point Market, North Carolina passed House Bill 2 (HB2), which is a statewide anti-discrimination law excluding sexual orientation and gender identity. While some canceled their trips in protest,... read more
***The 2016 ALA Conference has been canceled. For more information, click here.*** Chair Statement “Our ALA Conference is less than six months away. This year’s destination is the infamous cliff-top resort El... read more
Lori Dennis, HGTV, Design Campus
Q: How do you describe your aesthetic?A: My interior design aesthetic is tailored, comfortable and architecturally appropriate. Q: How important is lighting to your interiors?A: I make lighting the star against very edited... read more
Nicole Leinbach Reyhle
Author and founder of Retail Minded Nicole Leinbach Reyhle has given talks on everything “retail.” From marketing to merchandising to explaining how to get your showroom seen, Reyhle knows that retail is changing in “... read more

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