The Value of Jingles
July 14, 2010 - 1:52pm

In the age of Internet advertising and marketing, many lighting showrooms have junked their ad jingles, but that could be a big mistake.

A website is certainly a must today, but its silent, faceless communications do little to build your brand. And now that competitive lighting showroom battles are fought in-store and online, experts emphasize that conventional media ads are more crucial than ever. Radio and television spots cost-effectively reach the broad geographic market the Internet is able to deliver. Used correctly, the spots can drive high traffic volumes to your website. Of course, TV and radio naturally jibe with jingles, one of the most powerful branding tools of all time.

“Jingles are an irreplaceable part of a strong branding campaign because a good jingle can get people ‘hooked’ and lead them to talk about your brand to friends and family,” says David Taylor, a musician, songwriter, producer and educator who teaches at the Chicago Music Industry Workshop.

Taylor, who has written and produced ad jingles for McDonald’s and Disney, favors jingles that have a simple melody and words that are easy to sing. “A great jingle is very repeatable, something you can hear over and over without making your ear tired,” he explains. “And nowadays, it has got to be multimedia, too. Marketers are bringing their jingles to their websites, podcasts and beyond.”

Thanks to a creative contest, a new ad jingle adaptable to a range of media could be in the cards for Capitol Lighting later this year.

At press time, the 86-year-old retailer with nine locations and a growing Web-based lighting business called was sponsoring a contest to find itself a fresh new jingle. Entries were accepted April 15 though June 30 for the competition, which offered a grand prize of $2,500 cash, a runner-up prize of $1,000 and a $750 shopping spree for the “most clever” entry. A “tool kit” provided hopefuls with background information about the store’s brand that would be helpful for crafting an appropriate message, such as price guarantee, large selection and well-trained staff.

Vice President Eric Lebersfeld says the jingle contest — conceived by owner Herman Lebersfeld — was promoted online using a dedicated website. Capitol’s Facebook page also touted the promotion. Given Capitol’s “bricks and clicks” business model, Lebersfeld says he believes marketing in any medium is never a wasted effort. A great new prize-winning jingle could provide a unifying message suitable for any media — from radio to YouTube.

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