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April 30, 2009 - 2:50pm

I can remember my first day on the job at Residential Lighting like it was yesterday. It was at the summer Dallas Market, and let’s just say it was long enough ago that the show was in July and included a Four Star event. I didn’t know a sconce from a screw-base, but I was full of earnest optimism and quickly found plenty of welcoming folks to help me along in my learning curve. 


I’m proud to be back on the very magazine that launched my career, serving the industry that I enjoyed so much over my decade-and-a-half tenure. Effective with this issue, Residential Lighting is owned by Scranton Gillette Communications, a progressive, privately held trade publishing company based in Arlington Heights, IL. Scranton Gillette boasts a rich history of building strong brands in the industries that it serves, and I’m honored to join its experienced team of professionals. 


I’m not the only familiar face on this new landscape. The entire transition was spearheaded by Harry Urban, Vice President of Events at Scranton Gillette. He was previously Vance Publishing’s Vice President of the Interiors Media Network, a group of home furnishings and industrial woodworking titles that included Residential Lighting. He will again provide his valuable oversight at our new home. 


Sherwin Horowitz will be selling print advertising and digital media. He, too, has earned his veteran status, working on Residential Lighting for more than 12 years — and even picking up Salesperson of the Year honors at Vance along the way. 


But ever since it was launched in 1992, this magazine has never just been about who’s on the masthead or who’s paying the printing bill. It’s about who reads the information we provide, and more importantly, how relevant every word and image must be to growing and sustaining their businesses. 

I’m excited to tap the power of the perspective that Scranton Gillette has to offer, combined with the collective insights from experts within and beyond the industry. Digesting all of this into articles and features that provide real answers to the challenges we all face today — it’s the least I can do for an industry that nurtured me from those early days as a clueless cub reporter.





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