UL Updates LightSmart App With ROI Function
September 3, 2013 - 9:12am
A 'Calculate ROI' capability enables users to estimate the payback time for upgrading to more efficient lighting.

UL (Underwriters Laboratories) announced the enhancement of its popular LightSmart App in the latest version 1.5. The free app is designed to help users realize the many benefits gained through LED and other more energy-efficient lighting possibilities in their living and working environments.

Available for free for iPad, iPhone and Android, the latest version features a ‘Calculate ROI’ function enabling users to calculate the payback time for upgrading to more efficient lighting technology. The app determines the ROI based on incandescent lamps, which are the cheapest up-front replacement lamps but the most costly for ongoing operating expenses and typically have the shortest life.

According to The Product Mindset, a global study done by UL every year with manufacturers and consumers, 53 percent of manufacturers say consumers are demanding eco-friendly products at the same cost as non-eco-friendly products, while 45 percent of consumers are willing to pay for more eco-friendly products.

“Studies have indicated that few consumers are aware of the required transition to energy-efficient lighting,” says Jeff Smidt, Vice President and General Manager, Global Appliances, HVAC/R & Lighting. “UL is committed to educating consumers about the latest regulations and lighting technologies available, and this app offers an easy and personalized way for consumers to assess the specific environmental and aesthetic benefits, as well as cost-savings they can expect to find by using LED and other efficient light sources in their living and working environments,” Smidt added.

“With the cost of LED lamps coming down, the app allows users to input the replacement cost to get an accurate ROI based on the local energy rates obtained automatically through location services,” says Shari Hunter, Business Development Manager, UL. “In addition to the payback period, users also receive feedback on how their lighting choices can help reduce carbon emissions,” she added.

The UL LightSmart app was developed, in part, as a response to the Federal Energy Independence Act and Security Act of 2007, which mandated that over time, inefficient incandescent bulbs be replaced with CFLs and LEDs, beginning with the 100W bulb in 2012. The UL LightSmart app version 1.2 is currently available for the iPad and iPhone at the Apple iTunes Store and for Android at Google Play.

For more information visit http://www.ul.com/lighting.

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