UL Introduces New Certification Processes for Certain LEDs
May 29, 2014 - 10:21am
Certification processes for LED surface-mounted tube lamps and portable LED luminaires have been streamlined.

UL introduced streamlined processes for manufacturers to obtain a UL listing for LED surface-mounted tube lamps and global market certification for portable LED luminaires.

LED Surface-Mounted Tube Lamps

With significant growth projected in the LED market, manufacturers are looking for ways to incorporate LED technology into existing luminaire designs. After examining the needs of manufacturers, UL designed an approach that helps them move products to market quickly while preserving safety levels.

UL's Classified LED Retrofit Conversion Kit provides a simple process for converting surface-mounted luminaires from fluorescent light source technology to LED light source technology. Through the combination of the UL-Listed surface-mounted fluorescent tube lamp luminaire design and the factory installation of the conversion kit, UL eliminates the need to conduct a temperature test on the final product, saving time and money.

"UL is dedicated to maintaining high levels of safety in new LED applications while continuing to act as an important ingredient in our lighting customers' success in the marketplace," said Roberto Inclinati, a UL business development manager. "This approach to UL certification for LED surface-mounted luminaires offers a cost-effective solution that recognizes the need to get products to market quickly."

Portable LED Luminaires

This is the first time a certified testing laboratory has created a single set of samples and tests that combine the requirements of both North American and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards that have not been formally harmonized as part of the CB Scheme, an international network of product certification organizations.

According to a McKinsey study, LED lighting will grow 840 percent globally from 2010 to 2020, with LEDs projected to account for 60 percent of the total lighting market. UL is working with manufacturers on efficient testing and certification processes to help meet consumer demand while maintaining product safety levels.

In addition to the streamlined process, the program permits the substitution of certain components and the alteration of various aesthetic elements in many luminaire designs. This allows manufacturers to update their product lines more quickly to meet changing customer tastes.  

"Through its worldwide network of offices and labs, UL can offer global market access to testing and certification for manufacturers and distributors of portable LED luminaires," said Michael Shulman, a UL Principal Engineer. "This new initiative, in combination with a recent redesign and simplification of a follow-up service program for portable luminaires, underscores UL's commitment to the lighting industry."

More information about UL Lighting services is available at http://industries.ul.com/lighting.

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