Toshiba Intl. Corp. Announces Lighting Business Reorganization
March 5, 2014 - 6:25pm
Among the changes include a de-emphasis on lamps and light bulb products and an increased focus on fixtures and lighting controls systems.

Toshiba Intl. Corp. (TIC) has announced a reorganization affecting its LED Lighting Systems division.

Toshiba Lighting and Technology Corp. (TLT), headquartered in Yokosuka, Japan, is responsible for Toshiba’s global lighting businesses and is implementing a reorganization of international operations. As a result, the LED Lighting Systems division within TIC will discontinue most operations by March 31, 2014. The headquarters’ responsibility for Toshiba Lighting in the Americas will be transferred to Greenstar Lighting Products Inc., located in San Antonio, TX. Greenstar is a wholly owned subsidiary of TLT.

TLT is making important changes in its global priorities for products and geographic markets and is restructuring operations to sharpen market focus and improve cost efficiency. In the Americas, these changes include a de-emphasis of lamps and light bulb products; a transfer of U.S. street lighting operations to Greenstar; and increased focus on professional-grade street and outdoor lighting systems.

TLT is also making adjustments in its other operations around the world. In addition to continuing its pursuit of LED lighting business in the U.S. and EU, TLT will strengthen capabilities and increase resources devoted to the rapidly growing Latin America, Asia, India and ASEAN markets. As LED technology advancement enables more compelling total-cost-of-ownership solutions, the company intends to strongly increase its emphasis on fixtures and lighting controls systems.

“Toshiba’s global commitment to LED lighting remains strong," says Ken Honeycutt, Senior Vice President for TIC and Chief Venture Executive of the LED Lighting Systems division. "LED lighting is an essential component of Toshiba systems for high-efficiency intelligent buildings and integrated smart city installations. These applications are primary targets for Toshiba’s new Smart Community business. San Antonio is a terrific location for the new lighting headquarters since a number of other Toshiba businesses are doing business and locating operations within this emerging clean technology business community."



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