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April 14, 2009 - 12:00pm

Pop has become our culture. As connected as we all are via various high-tech gadgetry, we still seem to communicate most clearly and enthusiastically through lingo concocted absurdly from shared entertainment: “You’re not actually going to walk around market in those Carrie Bradshaw shoes, are you?” or “Oh, it’s so sad, they went all Brad and Jen.”

    The good news is that we do have our limits. The recent licensing boom fueled by our celebrity obsesssion has slowed a bit, restraining itself to a refinement of those brands that truly hit home with consumers (“Brand News,” January 2006 issue, page 78). Although I am a tad sad my dream of a Tim Burton line will likely now go unfulfilled, I’m glad the craze calmed down to a sensible level before Boy George crawled out of the woodwork and unleashed his take on the modern chandelier.

    It’s all in good fun, really—at least for those of us who don’t know how to speak Klingon. And though I make an excessive fuss about turning my nose up at mainstream fads, I’ll admit to dabbling with my own cheesy weaknesses. (If you haven’t heard my ring tone at market, I’ll never reveal it here.)

    Perhaps a bit slaphappy during a wicked deadline that loomed precariously close to the holidays, we got a bit silly here at Residential Lighting and indulged in a healthy dose of pop culture adulation as we put together “Family Ties” (beginning on page 64). We asked manufacturers to submit this season’s best-selling lighting families for this month’s lead feature. But as these full fixture suites came in, each with its own distinctive personality, our minds almost automatically linked them to their Hollywood counterparts.

    Typically, this is the kind of thing kept behind the scenes—a wise decision nine times out of 10. But we just kept going with it this time, all the way to the printer. We began to feel that no matter how many adjectives we could pull from the thesaurus, thanks to the modern common denominators of television, movies and Google, our suggested famous families would convey our take on the featured lines’ ambience and flavor much more precisely.

    Whatever the outcome, we do hope that you will at least have a chuckle with us. Laughter is the true universal language. And the best lesson we can learn from the tabloid-friendly antics of the rich and famous is that we should never take ourselves too seriously.



What's your ring tone?

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