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April 14, 2009 - 12:00pm

The geek shall inherit the Earth. Well, that’s not quite how it goes. But it sounds an awful lot more accurate for our current social climate. Technology dominates every aspect of our lives, virtually directing our daily routine. And whether we like to admit it or not, we’ve gotten to a point where we’re lost without it.

 In a rather self-effacing example, attendees at last month’s Accessories Resource Team (ART) conference suffered the horror of four days without cell service. Surrounded by the stunning vista of Sedona, AZ, nearly everyone at least attempted to convince themselves it was actually a good thing, spouting speeches about disconnecting and soaking in the scenery for a bit of much-needed R&R. Yet, between seminars and events, the wayward souls wandered resort grounds this way and that, raising cell phones aloft, desperately seeking an encounter with the

almighty signal. I would like to say I was but a bemused bystander, chuckling at such slavery. But there I was, too, leaning over a precipice on the advice of one lucky duck who managed to briefly score two whole bars.

 We’ve not only grown accustomed to gadgetry’s ascendant role in the modern world, we’ve wholeheartedly embraced it. We can’t wait for the next breakthrough, having inextri-cably linked quality of life with technological advancement. Considering this comfort level and craving, why do we still shy away from exploiting the technical side of our industry? While the simultaneous trend toward personalization means aesthetics are more important than ever, I believe the nuts and bolts of our electrified products are an undiscovered secret weapon. We should be boasting about what’s on the inside, as well.

 The braintrust behind the annual Lighting for Tomorrow design competition has done much to encourage this, challenging manufacturers to develop more stylistic exteriors for energy-efficient models (page 40). And as the priority on making function more fashionable becomes more prevalent, options for appealing to two consumer cravings with one product also increase.

Consumers seek the latest, greatest innovation, designed to suit and improve their lifestyles. And I think we’ve got it. Now it’s time to flaunt it.



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