Switch Lighting Appoints Five New Executives
April 4, 2012 - 11:12am

The California-based light bulb manufacturer has nearly doubled the size of its executive team following five new hires.


Daniel Macsherry, Switch Lighting's new CFO
Daniel Macsherry, Switch Lighting's new CFO

Switch Lighting recently announced the appointment of five new executives, including a new CFO and new Executive Vice President of Marketing and Business Development. 

The appointments include:

- Daniel Macsherry as the new CFO

- Gary Rosenfield as the new Executive Vice President of Marketing & National Accounts

- Bill Lenihan as the new Executive Vice President of Business Development

- David Becker as the new National Sales Director of Retail & Hospitality

- Sam Stark as the new Regional Sales Director of Commercial & Industrial.

Switch’s former CFO and CSO, Brett Sharenow, will transition to Chief Product Officer and Chief Administrative Officer.

The five new executives nearly double the size of the company’s former executive team.

“There are very few times in life when one can be a part of a project that changes history. Replacing the Edison bulb -- a technology that has been around for over a century -- is one of those times,” Switch Lighting CEO Tracy Bilbrough said in a statement. “Now that Switch is beginning to release our first bulbs, our company needs additional resources and leadership, and we have been fortunate to add some world class individuals to the team.”

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