Spotlight On: Regency Ceiling Fans
December 3, 2010 - 11:21am

COMPANY NAME: Regency Ceiling Fans

OUR COMPANY IS KNOWN FOR a wide selection of timeless classics to unique contemporary designs. With so many options, you can express yourself with Regency ceiling fans. With the innovative Décor-Match™ system, you can select from a wide variety of fans, blades, light kits and controls inspired by the latest trends. It’s possible to create a fan specifically for you.

WHAT MAKES US UNIQUE? Regency is one of the few fan companies offering a ceiling fan with a direct current (DC) motor, the Gladiator. A DC motor is a fairly simple electric motor that uses electricity and a magnetic field to produce torque, which turns the motor. The primary benefit is energy savings. The Gladiator delivers up to 60 percent energy savings compared to ceiling fans with traditional motors. And the Gladiator fan is controlled by a six-speed remote control, which allows for customized airflow for every situation. Engineered with the highest-quality materials, you can rely on a meticulous dedication to quality, efficiency and durability for every Regency ceiling fan you choose.

OUR CURRENT OFFERINGS INCLUDE Décor-Match fans, which allow you to customize a ceiling fan to match your personal style and home décor. Many Regency fans feature Mood Glow™ uplighting. This fills the room with a soft, diffused light that creates a mood of sophistication. Transform any room into a tropical paradise with Regency’s Tropical ceiling fans, and complement nature’s own breeze with Regency’s outdoor fans.

OUR PLANS FOR 2011 INCLUDE offering several unipack (motors, blades and light kits) selections from the most popular Décor-Match fans and outdoor light kits.

PICTURED HERE Regency’s Gladiator (GL3) with DC motor in an Antique Copper finish

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We purchased a Regency

We purchased a Regency ceiling fan with light kit several years ago. When we were replacing a burned-out bulb, we accidentally dropped the glass globe. We contacted the location where we purchased the fan and were told that we could not buy just the globe, that we had to buy the fixture it attaches to (which we don't need). The dealer charged us $75. I have gone on line to the Regency website and can find no option to purchase a replacement globe. In fact, one cannot even e-mail Regency headquarters, but gets referred to the local dealer. Does anyone know how to reach Regency directly or how to purchase a glass globe? $75 is really steep to fix this problem. From [email protected]

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