Spotlight on manufacturers leading the lighting industry
April 14, 2009 - 12:00pm

lighting manufacturersHoltkötter takes the lead in energy-efficient lighting

COMPANY NAME: Holtkötter Intl. Inc.
HQ LOCATION: Lippstadt, Germany, and South St. Paul, MN
NAMES OF PRINCIPALS: Hans J. Holtkötter, Paul W. Eusterbrock

LEADING THE INDUSTRY: Holtkötter has been committed to producing high-quality, German-engineered and German-manufactured lighting products for more than 40 years. Our Web site,, features the Holtkötter product line, including technical and other general lighting information. We continue to develop better cutting-edge educational programs, such as Holtkötter/ALA seminars and the popular Holtkötter University, while expanding our merchandising options.

In the last five years, we have introduced energy-efficient halogen lighting with IRC/ES (infrared coating/energy saver) technology in many new and exciting products, including our Bernie Series and Contemporary Chandeliers Series. Halogen IRC/ES bulbs are not only energy-efficient, but they also provide brilliant and natural light.

Use of the Energy Saver halogen bulbs generates fewer carbon emissions than incandescent bulbs, with the added benefit that no waste, such as mercury, is introduced to the environment.

If, however, standard fluor-escent lighting can be challenged, we have met the mark. Currently the most energy-efficient residential lamp on the market, our 2570/2*FC Torchiere provides 10,080 lumens at 92 lumens per watt. 110W is all that is needed to power this lamp, thanks to the Holtkötter Afterburner Technology. This energy-efficient bulb also boasts a long life of approximately 20,000 hours.

ADVICE TO SHOWROOMS: Advocate energy efficiency and good lighting, and be a good merchandiser. Sophisticated
consumers will always be attracted to intelligent lighting displays that are both interesting and informative, as well as vignettes that organize merchandise in a fashionable manner.

Lighting manufacturersHans Duus offers artful looks with an environmental conscience

COMPANY NAME: Hans Duus Blacksmith Inc.

LEADING THE INDUSTRY: Hans Duus Blacksmith offers an extensive collection of handcrafted and custom-designed fixtures, primarily for upscale residences and the hospitality industry. We combine premium materials and finishes with elegant proportions and details to create some of the industry’s highest quality and most durable lighting fixtures. In the past year, we expanded beyond the timeless, classic styles we’re known for and added three innovative, contemporary lines, under the name JS Collections. Created with designer Jan Stowell, JS Collections is a series of contemporary wall sconces, pendants and ceiling lights that feature uniquely fused art-glass in combination with our hand-forged metals. We’re also very excited about the environmentally friendly, low-energy, decorative collections Hans Duus and Jan Stowell are currently working on, which will not only meet future energy code requirements, but provide a warm, inviting ambience and follow our “lighting as art” approach to design.

ADVICE TO SHOWROOMS: Showrooms should consider that given the current, uncertain economic landscape, it might be wise to expand their typical offerings to include something special. For our showroom customers, we can produce a custom piece or custom feature that will complement our standard collections and show how lighting can act as art within a room. Plus, since we manufacture here in the United States, we have the unique capability of being able to produce custom fixtures to suit most any situation.

lighting manufacturersAt Ellington, energy-efficient products take a leap forward

COMPANY NAME: Ellington Fans
HQ LOCATION: Grand Prairie, TX
NAMES OF PRINCIPALS: Jean C. Liu, Owner/Chairperson; Mike Miller, President; David Rauschuber, National Sales Manager

LEADING THE INDUSTRY: For many years now, Ellington has been at the forefront of the industry, providing exceptionally stylish products for the home that are also in keeping with the nationwide push toward a reduction in energy consumption. In fact, we were among the first companies in the industry to develop energy-efficient models in response to the new ceiling fan performance standards mandated by both the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Dept. of Energy (DOE). All of the fans in the ELN Series carry the Energy StarT label and come with a CMFM/Watt table that informs customers of the fan’s performance on low, medium and high speeds. We recognize that energy efficiency in the home is more important than ever, and we are continually developing new products to meet the market’s demand.

Today, Ellington designers are hard at work on a number of new corporate initiatives that will produce even more energy-efficient ceiling fans and light kits by 2009. Our goal is to provide showrooms with an array of technologically advanced products that anticipate the rapidly changing laws surrounding energy-consuming products and dovetail with the green movement that is gaining strength in this country. Without revealing our hand too much, our new products will feature compact fluorescent light kits, as well as new energy-efficient technologies in the fans themselves. Finally, we’re developing green packaging that uses recycled paper products and something other than StyrofoamE to support the product in the box.

ADVICE TO SHOWROOMS: Showrooms must embrace energy-efficient and green technologies. The laws surrounding the manufacturing and importing of ceiling fans with light kits are changing rapidly, so the products are also going to change very quickly. By 2009, most light kits will utilize compact fluorescent bulbs, and those that don’t will likely feature wattage limiters, which will shut off incandescent light sources that use more than 190W. We believe showrooms should let the consumer start making the choice now between incandescent and fluorescent and also get used to seeing the product on showroom floors.

lighting manufacturersW.A.C. encourages lighting with a cause

HQ LOCATION: Garden City, NY
NAMES OF PRINCIPALS: Tony, Tai and Shelley Wang
NO. OF EMPLOYEES: More than 650 worldwide

LEADING THE INDUSTRY: W.A.C. Lighting has been creating innovative, high-quality track, recessed, monorail, undercabinet and decorative lighting for almost 25 years. In that time, we’ve developed a stellar reputation, which is backed by an extraordinary level of service, an unprecedented shipping record and an extension of our product warranty to five years.

Recently, we changed our tagline to “Responsible Lighting,” which reflects our commitments to green energy, social progress and community involvement. We’re a leader in the industry’s sustainability efforts, and on our wholly owned, ISO 9001-certified manufacturing campus, we recycle water and follow lead-free and zero-landfill practices. We’ve also added sustainable CFL and LED products to our lighting line, and we are continuously striving to advance employee empowerment, community involvement with major global and local foundations, and diversity in the workplace.

We use our Web site, brochures, first-rate sales force and showroom network to convey our message of responsible lighting to consumers. In the coming year, we plan to extend our leadership position as a responsible company by expanding our green manufacturing processes and by adding new LED and other energy-efficient lighting products.

We’ve made many new introductions to our product line in recent months, including InvisiLED tape, featuring energy-saving display and accent lighting solutions using the latest LED technology; Modernism, a collection of energy-saving, mouth-blown opal glass luminaires; DUORAIL, the smallest two-circuit rail system on the market; and stylish brushed-nickel track and rail fixtures. Our line also includes line and low voltage recessed downlights, line and low voltage track systems, crystal beauty spots, wall sconces, multipoints, monopoints, counterbalance adjustables and other specialty lighting.

In addition to our Garden City headquarters and East Coast warehouses, we have a West Coast distribution center and offices in City of Industry, CA, and a showroom at Dallas Market Center. Almost 90 percent of our products, including components, are fabricated at our state-of-the-art manufacturing campus in China.

ADVICE TO SHOWROOMS: Please join us in our mission to promote responsible, energy-efficient lighting. In addition, distribute our mini catalogs to customers, offer our broad range of showroom displays and work with our knowledgeable sales reps to conduct training sessions for your sales personnel. WWW.WACLIGHTING.COM

lighting manufacturersDolan’s displays imitate upscale residential interiors

Dolan Designs
NAME OF PRINCIPAL: Patrick Dolan, President
Dolan Designs leads the lighting industry in showroom display merchandising techniques. We focus extensively on cutting-edge lighting displays to help showrooms increase sales and customer satisfaction.  

Dolan’s showroom at Dallas Market Center is designed and merchandised like a high-end retail lighting showroom. “Our goal was to create a manufacturer’s showroom in Dallas as an idea center for our dealers,” says company founder Patrick Dolan. “Lighting showrooms can take these merchandising techniques home and use them in their own showrooms.”

A typical manufacturer’s showroom in Dallas displays product in a fashion that makes it easy for the manufacturer, not necessarily the retailer, to sell. Dolan Designs creates an environment showcasing industry-leading displays for lighting showrooms, using backdrops and vignettes that are easily translated to retail showrooms.

Panels with architectural windows help define the areas. Curtains, fabrics, furniture and accessories are used to create vignettes reminiscent of upscale home settings to merchandise lighting fixtures, portables and accent furniture. Customers are better able to imagine how the fixtures will enhance their own homes after seeing them in this environment. The display vignettes are set up in many different sizes and configurations, which showrooms of any size can use.  

In portable merchandising, Dolan’s SightLinesE Lamp and Shade display system also addresses critical merchandising problems by allowing customers to actually view mix-and-match base and shade combinations. The packaging also shows the entire lamp in the actual finish, so customers know exactly what they’re purchasing without opening the box, thereby making decisions easier.   

ADVICE TO SHOWROOMS: Take advantage of Dolan’s proven display systems that help increase your showroom sales. Look for Dolan to continue to lead the industry with new tools to improve merchandising. See our displays in our showroom, Trade Mart 4901, at the January Market in Dallas. You can also contact us at (800) 929-4325 or [email protected]. WWW.DOLANDESIGNS.COM

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