Smart Lighting Systems Become Mainstream
August 13, 2014 - 3:36pm
These wireless systems took Lightfair 2014 by storm.

“Smart” lighting systems might seem futuristic, but they are an increasingly important part of today’s lighting landscape. These apps and Web-based programs, which enable the control of bulbs through a wireless network, allow users to take full advantage of light’s benefits through customization based on lifestyle preferences. Here, we highlight several of these systems that were showcased at Lightfair 2014.

GE: Link is an affordable connected LED bulb enabled by the new Wink app. It eliminates the need for expensive add-ons typically associated with connected devices, like a bridge, and lets consumers remotely control their home lighting from anywhere in the world.  

Osram: Lightify uses a wirelessly networked system with a router, gateway and up to 50 lamps and indoor or outdoor luminaires to modify lighting with the touch of a button. Users can create moods and effects, preset a daily lighting sequence and simulate occupancy.

Philips: Hue lux is a bright white-only version of Hue, controllable using a smartphone or tablet and fully compatible with the vast range of Hue apps and hardware. This personal wireless lighting system for the home sets a new benchmark for connected quality white light.

Samsung: In the company’s Smart lighting, an industry-first full mesh Bluetooth network can remotely control up to 64 lamps via a smartphone app. There’s no need for a bridge to connect the smart device to the lighting. Color tune from warm white to cool white and control dimming. Lights can even be programmed to blink for incoming phone calls.

TCP: Connected works by plugging into an existing Wi-Fi network with an option of three operating systems for remote access: Android, iOS-enabled devices and Web browsers. Users can turn on the lights as they arrive home or use the free app to establish a Smart Control routine to automate lighting functions.

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