Showroom of the Year: Revenue Under $2 Million

One of the first Showroom of the Year award recipients in 2010, Pace Lighting is now the competition’s first two-time winner in the same category. “It was a huge honor to win the first time, but winning a second time makes us proud of all the work we’ve done and honored to be part of a great group of other winners,” says Pace’s showroom manager Lisa Dixon. “When they called our name in Dallas, excited is not a strong enough word. We were definitely screaming. It was all so much fun.”

The 18,500-square-foot Pace Lighting showroom presents an updated, homey environment designed to inspire customers at every turn. Shown as they would be seen in a real home of office, roughly 2,500 fixtures from 175 product lines are on display. Small details, like having blackout shades on store windows for realistic night effects any time of the day, pay big dividends. A 6,000-square-foot warehouse insures stock is on hand and also supports the company’s new e-commerce venture. Available online 24/7, Pace’s “e-catalog” comes in handy while shopping, too. The store’s 37-inch flat screen monitor, with its own keyboard and mouse, has become a favorite sales tool of customers and staff alike. Dixon estimates that 80 percent of online sales comes from local customers.

Having a growing online presence has led to growing sales for Pace Lighting. Customers have the option of e-mailing a “wish list” before coming into the store. The popular service is a time-saver that leads to great customer satisfaction and builds loyalty. Pace Lighting’s active Facebook page and Twitter account have deepened relationships with a large cross-section of customers, young and old. The store uses weekly Facebook and Twitter posts to remind customers of the showroom’s vast selection; photos of new designs are meant to inspire customers and motivate purchases. To celebrate winning this year’s Showroom of the Year award, Pace used its strong social media network to offer customers 15 percent off coupons available through email. Since last May, Pace has been sending the American Lighting Assn. (ALA) Bright Ideas e-newsletter to customers; the mailing list is nearing 1,000 recipients.

“I really can’t say exactly how many people see us on Facebook or Twitter, but I know it’s enough to warrant the 10 minutes I spend most days on social media. We invested in professional photography and that has made a huge difference for us; we get far more comments from visuals than plain text.”

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