Showroom of the Year: Outstanding Merchandising Display

After being named Showroom of the Year in the $5 Million and Over category last year, Canada’s largest lighting showroom makes a return appearance in 2012 with an award that acknowledges the 100,000-square-foot showroom’s radically bold approach to merchandising.

A massive showroom with extensive inventory of lighting, furniture and accessories, Union uses its newly improved website to show its vast product array, but the company does not sell merchandise online. Arranged in style groups to make shopping easier, the goal of Union’s “showrooms within a showroom” concept is to create a retail environment that is unlike any other home furnishings purveyor. Exclusive Partner Galleries from top-name lighting brands such as Schonbek, Fine Art Lamps and Swarovski, and an extensive selection of products from around the world make Union Lighting a popular destination store in the region.

Vignettes throughout the showroom created with full and half walls help consumers envision design and lighting ideas for their own homes. Intimate room settings feature a multitude of products that are displayed to show consumers how to handle a variety of common design dilemmas. A new home theater area within the showroom addresses growing consumer interest in integrating lighting and furnishings within a theater-specific setting. Photographs on the walls of many vignettes silently but thoughtfully suggest how to best coordinate lighting and furnishings.

Union flexes its merchandising muscle with displays that make the most of the showroom’s extensive product selection. A new 10,000-square-foot bathroom and vanities section features more than 300 vanity light options. A new Princess Gallery showcases more than 60 chandeliers and additional decorative accessories suitable for a young girl’s bedroom. Two complete full-size house facades with a deck and pergola provide the complete outdoor lighting experience inside the climate-controlled comfort of the Union showroom.

In recent years, Union has invested in a campaign to remind consumers of its expansion from a lighting retailer to a showroom that sells lighting, furniture and accessories. It’s one of the few lighting showrooms that has 85 percent of all visible items in the store in stock, ready for immediate pick-up away or white glove delivery provided by the company’s own truck fleet.

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