Showroom of the Year Finalist: Seattle Lighting
May 27, 2010 - 10:42am

Finalist, Revenue Under $5 Million
Seattle Lighting
Tukwila, WA

Generous floor space, a wonderful location in the heart of the city’s primary shopping district, and four complete, interactive, multi-scene lighting labs help make Seattle Lighting’s Tukwila branch a jewel in the company crown. But it is the people who work there that make the difference.

All salespeople at the store are ALA Lighting Specialists, and each has more than five years of experience in the lighting industry. Sales spiffs and double commissions on clearance items help keep these veterans motivated.

Whether or not a customer buys something, the staff works hard to ensure every person leaves the store with something they did not have upon entering: knowledge, product or both. Educating customers is part of the store’s service commitment.

The lighting labs serve as a teaching tool, a sales tool, an on-site design studio and a hands-on educational tool for customers. Throughout the year, the showroom also hosts seminars in the labs for the general public and interior design students from local colleges. The multi-scene lighting systems allow clients to experiment with an almost infinite number of lighting options for their home. Seattle Lighting salespeople provide the expertise needed to turn customers’ visions into reality. The store has all of the products required. The lighting labs cover all the technical and decorative options, and are useful for residential and light commercial customers alike.

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