Showroom of the Year Finalist: Prima Lighting
May 27, 2010 - 10:30am

Finalist, Revenue Under $5 Million
Prima Lighting
Vaughan, ON

The latest thinking in lighting showroom design can be seen at Prima Lighting’s new store. The 22,000-square-foot operation showcases the newest and most fashion-forward lighting designs, so it is critical that the selling environment and atmosphere are in sync with the products shown.

In contrast with the company’s previous location, the layout at the new showroom is airy and wide-open without any clutter. Every item has “a home.” There are no slot ceilings or panels; everything is hard-wired to an electrical box in drywall, or in custom displays. Prima is also a very eco-friendly showroom: 80 percent of the bulbs are PL energy-efficient. A Lutron lighting control system automatically adjusts lighting levels throughout the day. A full kitchen and dining room area showcase the latest products for these rooms.

Rather than group lighting by style or price point, product is shown in sections by application: bath, outdoor, crystal, modern and so forth. The idea is to make the store very easy to shop, and to show customers what lighting can do for a home. “We are very proud when a new client comes in and says he was referred to us by so and so,” according to the store’s entry statement. “It means we are doing our job properly.”

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