Showroom of the Year Finalist: Passion Lighting
May 27, 2010 - 9:45am

Finalist, Revenue Under $5 Million
Passion Lighting
Grapevine, TX

As its name suggests, this entrant has a true passion for everything about lighting. From learning about new products, to offering great customer service to selling an expansive selection of lighting, Passion Lighting aims to set the standard for excellence in the lighting field.

The 9,000-square-foot showroom carries all key lighting categories. In recent years, it has found a niche in landscape lighting. Design and installation services are a specialty. The company’s president approves each installation during a nighttime visit to the site, a practice that really makes a difference for the company.

A shared passion for lighting makes the staff a close bunch. Continuing education is valued by all. Bonus targets for all employees provide financial reward based on reaching sales goals. These goals are posted and discussed throughout the year.

The community benefits from the store’s charitable endeavors in support of children’s causes. Since the day the store opened, a portion of sales has gone to Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth, TX.

Constantly changing merchandise displays keep Passion Lighting fresh and vibrant. At least 30 to 35 percent of the showroom space will be changed out this year. Exceptional in-house display mavens bring a great eye and creativity to the task. The showroom uses wall and carpeting colors to differentiate its display areas — the Western vignette is currently decorated with carpeting that looks like cowhide. Slide presentations shown on three flat-screen TVs in the showroom provide product information, application ideas, employee profiles and more. The program has worked so well, management has decided that three additional TVs will be added this year.

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