Showroom of the Year Finalist: Pace Lighting
May 27, 2010 - 9:42am

Finalist, Revenue Under $2 Million
Pace Lighting Inc.
Savannah, GA

From its state-of-the-art order-entry system to the cutting-edge light fixtures and geothermal heating and cooling equipment it sells, Pace Lighting is committed to offering “a contemporary, exceptional and unique lighting and design experience for all customers, with unmatched quality and expertise.”

The showroom uses no display boards. Rather, fixtures are cut into the ceiling or shown in home-like vignettes. Realism counts. Kitchen vignettes have wood cabinets and a home entertainment setting features a working flat-screen TV. A lighting control system isolates each fixture, a handy tool that brings focus to one item at a time. A dedicated outdoor lighting section shows everything as it would look at night. The showroom is designed so that a customer or designer with any budget or any level of product knowledge can walk into the showroom and easily find the right solution for his or her specific lighting situation. The shopping experience is meant to be fun, smooth and efficient. A wireless network makes it easy for salespeople to find instant pricing information and other details as they move through the store, laptops in hand, with customers.

Pace employs electricians to install the products it sells. Typically, the call for installation help follows a bad experience (a failed do-it-yourself attempt, or the work of a lesser electrician). Having a company person in the home, making things right, has helped the store earn many life-long customers. Staff electricians are also available during business hours to provide technical advice and guidance.

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