Showroom of the Year Finalist: Lucia Lighting
May 27, 2010 - 9:17am

Finalist, Revenue Under $5 Million
Lucia Lighting
Lynn, MA

Extensive product selection, including custom lighting designs, is one of the reasons why people from the Boston area flock to Lucia Lighting. Another is location. Housed in a former funeral home, the five-year-old store has a warm, homey look that makes it easy to visualize how fixtures will look installed in a residential environment. Inside its 8,000-square feet are 12 mini-showrooms, including the Bath Lab, the Gallery, the Loft and an eclectic spot known as the Pretty Room.

Lucia customers are treated like family. Staff knowledge, enthusiasm and emphasis on customer service all score big points with consumers and professional designers alike. The store recently was named Best Boston Lighting Showroom by Boston magazine and one reason why is the staff. “We work every day to surprise our customers with that little something extra,” says the company’s entry, “whether it be a cutting-edge solution or a little hug when they are feeling stressed.”

Likewise, the staff is motivated to be the best it can be by the store’s commitment to their continuing education. Trips to visit factories, internal training sessions and weekly meetings are some of the formalized ways in which salespeople can improve their expertise.

Designer and builder events give employees the chance to reach out to customers, one at a time, to build a connection that can lead to a successful business relationship. A monthly newsletter keeps everyone in the loop.

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