Showroom of the Year Finalist: Lighting Unlimited
May 27, 2010 - 9:04am

Finalist, Revenue $5 Million+
Lighting Unlimited

Contemporary lighting from names such as Ingo Mauer, Flos, Prandina and Oggetti fills more than half of Lighting Unlimited’s 37,500-square-foot showroom, but that’s not all that’s unusual about this Texas star.

A specialist in cutting-edge lighting technologies, the store sells hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of LED lighting systems, a business driven in part by having an electrical engineer on staff who pioneered the first dimmable driver for LED lighting. Experienced lighting designers and a dedicated AutoCAD specialist round out the design services. A new LED room in the store enables salespeople to demonstrate the latest LED lights in different applications, taking the mystery out of this new — and sometimes confusing — technology.

The company contributes product, time and services to an array of local groups. Most of its advertising dollars have been spent on “guerrilla marketing” efforts. The company has “fully embraced” the Greater Houston Builders Assn. and the American Society of Interior Designers. The store visits these offices often and buys lunch, sponsors their meetings, supports their functions, and has in-store training and private parties for these groups.

Last fall, more than 200 builders and designers came to a parking lot celebration called “The Lighting Unlimited Thank You for the Great Year Mid-Fall, Pre-Holiday Builder/Designer, Live Band, BBQ & Beer Bash.” The event drew many customers and potential customers that had not visited the showroom recently — or ever, in some cases. According to the store’s entry, the event also positioned Lighting Unlimited in the customer’s mind as a very successful company in spite of a tough year.

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