Showroom of the Year Finalist: Cleveland Lighting
May 27, 2010 - 8:23am

Finalist, Revenue Under $5 Million
Cleveland Lighting
Lyndhurst, OH

After a massive fire in 2009 left the original store completely destroyed, Cleveland Lighting management decided it would rebuild, and that its new store would be the best lighting showroom in the United States. Less than one year later, a new 10,000-square-foot lighting showroom opened, and it quickly became the talk of the industry.

Clearly, this showroom was something very different. In a move that signals a major change in lighting showroom merchandising, the company did not use grids on walls or ceilings. Instead, it opted to show lighting fixtures in vignettes against drywall ceilings and walls. Without the graphic distraction of the grid, clients are better able to visualize what the lighting will look like once it is installed in their own homes. Each fixture in the store is merchandised in a unique way, with complementary accessories turning up the style volume. More than 180 lighting lines are sold.

Even with its new approach to lighting showroom merchandising, Cleveland Lighting has retained some of the old traditions, too, like employee training. Providing salespeople with the right tools and sales techniques is key to the company’s continued success. Regularly scheduled training sessions on new products and new vendors help staff consistently exceed customers’ expectations.

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