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April 14, 2009 - 12:00pm

Positive energy radiates an irresistible allure. Few can evade wide-eyed wonderment in the face of either technological or artistic innovation. And as onlookers are swept away in the rapid current of adventurous design, a growing addiction to forward motion makes the standard seem stodgy.

    Of course, there’s also something to be said about the security of the tried and true. While the unconventional will always command fascination, it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. After the initial spark, how many would actually invite it into their homes?

    But the two should not be mutually exclusive. Whatever high-tech gadgetry surfaces at Lightfair Intl. 2006 must still find a practical application in today’s homes. (You'll find our Lightfair Preview beginning on page 67 of the May issue.) And no matter how skillful and striking its aesthetics, an end product fares best when grounded in a context to which consumers can relate. (Check out Style We Like on page 48 of the May issue.)

    By the same token, classic styles endure longest when updated regularly. Fresh interpretations, rooted in and empowered by timeless strengths, reinvigorate old favorites,fueling a kind of fashion immortality. Our May issue’s features provide disparate examples: Perennial ceiling fan fashions demonstrate how the basic ingredients for such stalwarts as Mission, Tuscan and Island looks persevere, while the presentation morphs to meet modern demands (page 78). Chandeliers strike a chord by deriving inspiration from beloved architectural archetypes (page 84). And Irish artisans deliver contemporary beauties crafted by hand and infused with the romance of their rustic origins (page 88).

    What can be said about the products you sell can also be said of your overall business practices. You should never discard your original blueprint for success. However, you must be careful not to rest on your laurels either. That strategy may keep you afloat and more comfortable during uncertain times, but it often impedes progress, as well.

    So, take advantage of educational and networking opportunities at trade shows and the annual ALA Conference to ensure your showroom stays ahead of the curve. (Our ALA Conference Preview begins on page 51 in the May issue.) The same old, same old has its good points, but looking beyond the fond memories will keep you going and going.





How do you infuse your business with positive energy?

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