Royal Botania’s Approach to Outdoor Lighting
November 13, 2009 - 10:08am

Boschman: There are two of us, Kris Van Puyvelde, co-founder of Royal Botania, and me. Kris is more organic in design, and I am more straight. We get ideas by opening our eyes. Just to walk around in the city or in another country makes you feel things.

What is also important for us to get inspiration is to go to fairs. Going to a furniture fair, for instance, seeing the trends in that field, and translating them into lighting, is good inspiration. We always start with the question: What do we need? We translate the demand we get from the market into a design. We make a few sketches. We talk and see how we can combine two designs into one.

We are both engineers, not designers. So, we are quite technical about things. Our outdoor lights are very technical; they need to be, because outdoor conditions — rain and sunlight — can be severe. They are one of the most demanding lights you can ask for. They have to withstand almost everything. So, being technical, I think, is the first step. A lot of designers have nice ideas, and make nice products, but to translate their idea into a product, as technically as possible, is sometimes difficult.

Our collection has a contemporary, natural look. We use a lot of woods in our outdoor lighting. It is a natural material, so it blends into the surroundings. I think a good light fixture in a garden is one you should not see. It should blend into nature. It should not be “bling-bling.” So, we don’t make golden lights, because they do not fit into a garden.

We have a new light called Club. It is a floor lamp, but we have it also in a small version to stand on a table. We made it in teak and stainless steel. The lamp shade is a round shape like a traditional lamp shade, and it is made out of polyester pearls. It looks transparent — you can see light through it — but it is completely waterproof. So, you can leave it outside.

We have another lamp called Twin. It is a lamp that you put on a path in the garden, but it is also available in a wall model. It has contemporary and straight edges. It is made of Corian. It is white and has the smooth surface of the Corian, so it is very sleek. It’s got a 5W LED strip with a high luminance, so it is energy-friendly and warm.

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