Ross Lovegrove’s Latest Designs for Artemide
October 21, 2009 - 6:27am

Ross Lovegrove: I am inspired by the logic and beauty of nature. My designs possess a trinity between technology, materials science and intelligent organic form. I believe I am creating what many see as a new aesthetic expression for the 21st Century. There is always embedded a deeply human and resourceful approach in my designs, which project an optimism and what I think of as an innovative vitality in everything I do — from cameras to cars to trains to lighting.

I am motivated by trying to contribute to the creativity of society and the exploration of ideas relating to typological innovation, new materials, new technologies and new aesthetic languages. I try to converge logic and beauty wherever possible.

How do I work? I am influenced by context and the constant exchange between disciplines. I am constantly correlating what I see — merging the worlds of art, design and technology. As the different artistic endeavors merge more and more, there is an ever greater influence from intellect and research, from the digital to the material, form from thought, imagination fed by awareness of modernity and possibility. It’s about staying open to the changes in society, but also about encouraging positivity, understanding how to create with enrichment and the celebration of new ideas. Innovation is a forward-leaning path, but technology without humanity, and humanity without instinct, can be unnatural and lead to very forced solutions. I seek out design that is not compromised from the outset. Design must be free-flowing and uninterrupted in order to open potential, whether it’s technological, functional, material or aesthetic. A trinity of all three arrives at an elegant solution with relevance to people from diverse backgrounds.

My newest work, the Cosmic Collection from Artemide, has pieces that float as if they are barely physical — like ethereal deep-sea creatures in a frozen state of animation. They appear formed by movement, a capturing of air passed over a liquid surface. It’s more of a sculpting process for me than design. They are not disposable commercial objects — here today, gone tomorrow. I am responding to the “Art” in the word “Artemide” — stimulating new ways of seeing material, technology and light. The tessellations of the skins capture and reflect light and, at the same time, create “self definition” entities. I have tried to create fascinating objects that are unlike anything ever seen before.

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I am appreciated from your

I am appreciated from your latest design in Artemide. So, Please think about new lighting desing.

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