Robb & Stucky Goes Out of Business
March 8, 2012 - 4:47pm

High-end furniture retailer Robb & Stucky has started liquidating its inventory following a Chapter 11 filing last month, according to Home Furnishings News. The retailer, which is valued at approximately $90 million, will close its 20 stores throughout Florida, Texas, Arizona, North Carolina and Nevada.

Sharon Davis, Executive Director of the Accessories Resource Team (ART), says she was saddened to hear of the retailers’ closing.

“[Robb & Stucky] won the 2nd ARTS Awards in 1991 for Outstanding Retailer and entered the Awards Hall of Fame with their fifth win in 2001,” Davis says. “[Robb & Stucky CEO] Clive Lubner was our 17th ARTS Awards Academy of Achievement honoree in 2006 and gave one of the greatest acceptance speeches ever. Losing this retailer is a very sad loss.”

Eric Lebersfeld, President of Capitol Lighting, which also has stores in Florida, says he was disappointed to hear about the closing of Robb & Stucky, as well as other fine home retailers like Carl’s Furniture who have had to close some locations due to the economy.

“We worked with quite a few Robb & Stucky designers, so we’re sad for how this is affecting them,” Lebersfeld says. “We didn’t view Robb & Stucky as a major competitor, but as someone who raised the bar for homeowners looking for high design.”

Lebersfeld also says he has the utmost respect for the retailer’s gifted designers, and that Capitol Lighting and other area stores should recognize the opportunity to recruit some top talent.

A Robb & Stucky spokesperson did not respond to a request for comment.

Robb & Stucky was founded in 1915 in Fort Myers, FL, and had evolved into a nationally recognized furniture retailer offering furniture, flooring, accessories and patio furnishings, as well as interior design services. Its sale is being managed by a group of national retail liquidation firms, including Hudson Capital Partners, HYPERAMS and SPCI.

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