Real Troopers
May 9, 2011 - 6:26am
By Laura Van Zeyl

Many of you probably don’t know about our company’s We Care program. I’m guessing this because we have never received a request from our Residential Lighting audience, while dozens are received (and fulfilled) regularly from other publications under Scranton Gillette’s ownership.

Through an entirely volunteer effort, our employees create care packages for members of the U.S. Armed Forces serving overseas. These include snacks, toiletries, reading material (and not just our own) and notes of encouragement signed by everyone here. All items are donated by staff and supplemented as needed by our company to ensure that there is more than enough to go around the barracks.

Our readers are encouraged to submit names of specific servicepeople (family, friends) and a shipping address, along with your own contact information, and then the box building begins in earnest. Other industries we serve have embraced this program and we have reciprocated with our long-distance virtual hugs for those far from home.

While we’ve had a few house ads in print and mentioned this program via social media (Twitter and Facebook pages), I wanted to emphasize We Care in my column this week as well. Since the process is so simple — just e-mail information to our Director of Creative Services & Promotion Sandi Stevenson — I suspect the lack of response so far from our industry has been commensurate with its awareness. I hope one of you will soon be responsible for a surprise gift of goodies from a group of strangers appreciative of the brave who enable the land of the free.

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