Readers Choice: Top 25 Favorite Lighting Products
March 12, 2012 - 9:23am

In any given year an analysis of the products featured on the pages of this magazine that generated the most reader inquiries will most undoubtedly reveal a few bombshells. But our look back at the response to designs showcased in Residential Lighting between October 2006 and September 2007 exposed a particularly explosive revelation. This year’s runaway victor? The aqueous Splash bowls from California manufacturer Eastern Breeze. No, not a pendant bowl; an accessory bowl. Not a lighting product at all.

First highlighted in October 2006’s feature on glitzy accessories to spice up sleepy show-rooms, the category coup d’état-causing vessels point to a continuing shift in the way today’s lighting retailers approach their businesses. Savvy store owners know that a well-appointed set-up makes lighting look — and sell — better. Even the American Lighting Association is getting on board; the organization plans to include a merchandising-focused “retail strategies” seminar at its next annual conference in Washington, D.C.

While the number one position reflects the importance of accessories to the illuminated world, the products that fill in the remaining top-tier spots focus, befittingly, on fixtures. And whether acknowledging the abiding allure of contemporary design, an invigorating infatuation with the natural world or the longing to reach beyond borders for inspiration, they remind us that lighting hasn’t lost the ability to captivate.

Here, we pay special tribute to last year’s top five products, and we reintroduce you to the entire list of the 25 best-loved creations from last year. 



Splash Bowls, Eastern Breeze  


Abbey and Cloister pendants, Architects & Heroes  


LogLamps, CP Lighting  


Bocci, Bocci  


Autumn Leaves wall torchiere, Classic Lighting  

The Top 25

In alphabetical order

  • AQUA CREATIONS, Meduza, Moonstruck in Milan/ June 2007
  • ARCHITECTS & HEROES, Abbey & Cloister pendants, Las Vegas Market Preview/ July 2007
  • ARTECNICA, Icarus, The Top 10/ February 2007
  • BOCCI, Bocci, The Top 100/ February 2007
  • CL STERLING & SON, RC 46, Design Forum/ April 2007
  • CLASSIC LIGHTING, Autumn Leaves wall torchiere, New Products/ January 2007
  • CP LIGHTING, LogLamps, A Taste of Honey/ July 2007
  • DAVID D’IMPERIO LIGHTING, Hydra, Style We Like/ March 2007
  • EASTERN BREEZE, Splash bowls, Distinguished Accents/ October 2006
  • GE LUMINATION, VIO™, LED There Be Light/ July 2007
  • IN-FUSIONS, Urbanite, The Top 100/ February 2007
  • INGO MAURER, Wo Bist Du, Edison, ...?, Shine On/ February 2007
  • INTERFOLD, Trovato Series, New Products/ July 2007
  • JAMIE YOUNG CO., Horn Cube, Shape Up/ January 2007
  • JESCO, LED Color-Changing Wall Washer, New Products/ February 2007
  • LED LIGHTING FIXTURES, LR6 Recessed Downlight, Future Force/ September 2007
  • LEDTRONICS, LED Candle, The Top 100/ February 2007
  • LIGHT EMITTING DESIGNS, Retrofit LED lamps, Bright Ideas/ August 2007
  • LITETRONICS, Micro-Brite CFLs, Lightfair Preview 2007/ April 2007
  • NEXT, Birdie Nam Nam, Style We Like/ October 2006
  • NICHE MODERN, Aurora pendants, Cover/ April 2007
  • PALECEK, Glass Pebblestone, Shape Up/ January 2007
  • PETER PATTERSON, GLASSWORKS, Bulb-shaped glass sculpture with phosphors, New Products/ May 2007
  • TRIPAR INC., Light projection system, New Products/ April 2007
  • VESSEL, Candela, The Top 100/ February 2007

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