Quoizel Presents 2014 Sales Rep Awards
June 25, 2014 - 9:44am
Bryan Ehrlich, Dave Walstad, Nick Brockman and Patrick Slater took home honors.
Ehrlich, Walstad, Brockman and Slater

Quoizel presented several sales rep awards at the June 2014 Dallas Market.

The 2013 Sales Rep of the Year is BTE Sales' Bryan Ehrlich, who covers New York, New Jersey and Northern Pennsylvania. Ehrlich has been with Quoizel since the age of 22 and has received several awards in his career, including Rookie of the Year, President’s Club, Merchandiser of the Year and the Corporate Service Award.

Ehrlich also won the Pre-Buy Award in total dollars sold.

Dave Walstad won the Top Tabloid Seller Award, his third in a row, and the Highest Profit Margin Territory Award. He joined Quoizel in 1996 running the Tour de Tiffany road show and then in 1998 he got his own territory representing the state of New Jersey.  In 2000, Dave moved to Ohio to cover his existing territory, which includes Ohio, Michigan and western Pennsylvania.

The Top Market Sales Representative Award went to Nick Brockman, for selling the most at last year's markets.

Patrick Slater won the Mike McLelland Creativity Award, which is given each year to the individual who shows the most creativity on the sales force. Slater also won the Highest Percentage Over Quota Award.


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