Pillar of Light
April 14, 2009 - 12:00pm

I’ve been a full-time product designer for 15 years. I actually started my own company when I was 21, called Images in Stone, which was a decorative stone-carving company. We did everything from furniture to custom artwork.

    I’ve also worked for a couple of different companies designing product, including Jan Barboglio, a well-known designer in Dallas, who sells to Neiman Marcus and others. I was also the head designer for Corbett Lighting for two years, designing whole families of lighting, from chandeliers to bathroom fixtures. When Corbett was sold to Troy and the division was relocated

to California, I stayed behind in Texas.

    I was doing artwork out of my garage and selling to one store. We decided to do a trade show. Two and a half weeks after our second show, we had $80,000 worth of orders to fill. That was about two years ago.


Fox’s limited edition line of individually handcrafted artwork incorporates such techniques as decoupage, painting, burning and staining—and even, occasionally, the mounting of antique “found” objects. Shown: “Blushing Beauty.”

Wall decor is still our primary thing, but we also do lighting. The lighting looks like oversized shades with a small amount of lamp work inside. The shades are 9-inch-diameter Mylar cylinders and range in height from 3 to 6 feet. They are meant to be mood lights. The funky imagery printed on the shades can change the look and atmosphere of a room. Depending on the style, one or two of these in a room can really set the mood.

    I love modern art. I love Old World European, decorative ornamental stuff. I love folk art. I love imagery in general.

    What I’ve done is combine all those styles that I love in a unique way. I’ll take old European designs, for example, and lay them out in such a way that gives it a hip and contemporary composition. The styles are across the board. We have everything from vintage to Old World to contemporary images. It’s a neat mixture.

    I’ve always been a kind of rebellious guy in that I didn’t want to be a part of the mainstream, per se. I like to lead and set the pace, rather than follow. I want to offer people what they can’t find anywhere else.

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