Philips Introduces New LED Smart Phone App
June 23, 2012 - 1:35pm
The Learn LED app from Philips Lighting University serves as an on-the-go reference tool for showrooms, reps and consumers.

Philips Lighting University recently released its first Learn LED app aimed at serving as an on-the-go LED education tool.

According to Philips Lighting, this is just the first in a series of mobile learning apps geared towards helping consumers enhance their LED knowledge

The app contains a glossary of key terms, videos, e-books and general information about LEDs, says Gina Gasbarre, Marketing Communications Manager for Philips Consumer Luminaires North America. She says the app covers topics such as how to light your home with LED, color rendering, output, lumens and more.

Gasbarre says the tool is meant to change the way we think about lighting — and to assist in that evolution of thought.

“LEDs are the future. We have to retrain the mind on how to look at lighting,” she says. “We all hear that incandescent light bulbs won’t be around. You have to help consumers deal with that change a little bit better."

Gasbarre says that because of incandescent lighting, consumers are accustomed to looking at wattage, but it’s the output they should be focusing on when it comes to LED. The Learn LED app can help educate consumers on these key differences.

Sales reps can direct customers to the app or use it right in the showroom to help illustrate the proponents of LED lighting and how it’s different from traditional incandescent bulbs.

Retailers and lighting showroom sales reps can also use the tool to educate themselves—minus the time and money spent on attending a formal class. It’s an instant whenever, wherever reference tool for sales reps as well as consumers. “It gives training to both sides,” says Gasbarre.

The free app is currently available on the iPhone and can be downloaded in the iTunes App Store. It will be available on the iPad and Android in late June.

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The app is called Learn LED.

The app is called Learn LED.

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