Philips Introduces Innovative Store Displays
December 23, 2011 - 10:59am
Philips' shop-in-shop display at Light Options in Geneva, IL

A new retail concept from Philips Consumer Luminaires is helping lighting showrooms create a more streamlined shopping experience for customers. The “shop-in-shop” branded displays, which showcase several styles of Philips product against a clean backdrop, are now present in 10 showrooms throughout the United States, and will also be displayed in the Philips showroom at January’s Dallas Intl. Lighting Market.

Gonneke Gros, Philips’ Senior Marketing Director, says the shop-in-shop concept is based on a great deal of retail research that Philips has done.

“What we wanted to do for showrooms and ourselves it to have a nice clean way of displaying product, rather than every single product hanging everywhere,” Gros says. “It’s a way to organize lighting in the showroom to make the shopping experience easier for the consumer.”

The shop-in-shop actually involves several displays, each centered around a different style or look, with white backdrops to make each piece stand out.

“There’s a display focused around contemporary with some colorful accent pieces, and there’s also a display for soft contemporary, with a muted, earthy vibe,” Gros says. "We also created a display for more energy-efficient lighting, with some stylish fixtures that use efficient lighting technologies, as well as a display that’s all integrated LED.”

Other display styles include modern, traditional and juvenile. Philips also works with each showroom on what specific products to include with each display, Gros says, because customer taste can vary by region.

The first shop-in-shop was unveiled at Light Options in Geneva, IL, back in May, and owner Alan Galper says the response has been great.

“The response so far has been very positive, because customers are seeing product that they never saw before,” Galper says.

Galper says the displays have also changed the way he thinks about about his market.

“We always thought we didn’t have a market for contemporary lighting, because we didn’t sell enough of it to make an impact,” Galper says. “With the shop-in-shop, it created a lot of visual impact and interest from our customers. It’s changed our mind about contemporary lighting because we were always afraid to try it because our market is too traditional, but it’s actually not. The customer just needs to see it.”

Philips installed another display at Lighting by Gregory's contemporary showroom in New York. President and CEO Bill Skarren says the display includes a wide array of products from Philips, as well as the Thomas and Forecast lines.

"What they've done in our showroom is they've branded all three lines, and they've highlighted different areas, like LEDs, and also included a very good cross-representation of products, including non-lighting products like an LED wine bucket and flower vase," he says.

So far the customer response has been great, Skarren says, and the salespeople also enjoy the new displays, partly because they were involved in selecting which products to include.

"The salespeople like it because it allows them to cover a broader range, and they can explain all three lines at once," he says. "Also, the salespeople feel much more invested in this because they helped select the products that would be shown. It's really been a win-win for both us and Philips."

All in all, Philips has installed 10 shop-in-shop displays around the country, with plans for more, and will also feature an example of a shop-in-shop display in the company’s showroom at the Dallas Intl. Lighting Market in January.

  • Philips' shop-in-shop display at Light Options in Geneva, IL
  • Philips' shop-in-shop display at Light Options in Geneva, IL
  • Another Philips shop-in-shop display at Lighting by Gregory in New York

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