Osram Sylvania to Relocate Headquarters
August 21, 2014 - 11:31am
In summer 2015, the company will move from Danvers, MA to Wilmington, MA.

Osram Sylvania will relocate its Danvers, MA-based headquarters to 200 Ballardvale Street in Wilmington, MA. 

The new location will be within the technology corridor and will create a new, dynamic workplace that will cultivate innovation, focus, customer experience, learning and more.

“This move is essential to building a more agile and collaborative culture, which will help us operate with speed, deliver innovative products that customers love, and generate future growth,” said Jes Munk Hansen, President and CEO. “All of that will help us achieve our ultimate measure of success: maintaining and expanding our industry leadership in an increasingly competitive and rapidly changing environment.”

The new location will serve as the regional headquarters of Osram Americas and will continue to have a strong presence in northern Massachusetts and the New England area. Set to take place summer 2015, the relocation will include the 54 Cherry Hill location as well with future integration of the 71 Cherry Hill location in Beverly, MA at a later date.

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