Oscar Worthy
April 14, 2009 - 12:00pm

This new line with Oriental Accent allows for the complete Oscar de la Renta look. The Oscar de la Renta Home Collection already includes furniture, rugs, tabletop, decorative fabrics, bedding ensembles, mattresses and home fragrance. Lamps seemed like a logical next step. We chose to work with Oriental Accent because the company makes a beautiful product very much in keeping with the quality we look for in our lines.

    The line itself is inspired by things I have collected over the years: exotic porcelain lamps, articulated brass reading lamps and many other, more contemporary items in ebony and glass. Blending those elements with my own aesthetic, I developed lamps, hanging fixtures and hurricanes, as well as decorative vases, bowls and boxes.

    I have three homes from which we take a lot of our inspiration. My home in the Dominican Republic is where I am able to indulge my taste for brightly colored porcelain and pottery. It is from there that I get the inspiration for our Island Collection. For example, there is a beautiful turquoise lamp accented with a chocolate brown shade and a bright red pottery lamp that features a parchment paper shade. There are also some modern takes on blue and white, inspired by my extensive collection of antique blue and white porcelain.

    The Country Collection [is more rustic, with] cream crackle, aubergine pottery and some wonderful brass pieces, including a fantastic hall lantern, brass sconces with brass shades and a standing lamp.

    The City Collection consists of pieces inspired by my New York apartment. There is an overscaled Chinese vase lamp with a classic silk shade and some glass and silver lamps that carry a more modern sensibility.

The Island Collection includes lamps with stunning turquoise, red and classic blue and white ceramic bases. The designer’s home in the Dominican Republic served as inspiration for the series.

    I hoped to bring my personal sense of style to the lighting category with this line. I only know how to design and create what I love. I am well-known for my love of color, and this is reflected in the new line. Yellow, turquoise, aubergine and oxblood are all featured hues in the collection. So far, the turquoise porcelain lamps are my favorite pieces.

    I designed the line with our furniture collection very much in mind, but I did hope the lamps would look beautiful in any home. The collection is traditional, yet unexpected. I have eclectic taste, so there is definitely something for everyone.

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