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Nicole Bowling

After last February’s snowstorm and cancelled flight, I’m glad to say that I successfully made it to NY NOW this time around.

My first stop at the market was Accent on Design, where some of the coolest and most innovative product is exhibited. It’s a juried collection of nearly 150 exhibitors with the highest levels of creativity and the best use of materials over all product categories — basically, all the pieces that make you go “wow.”

Even though NY NOW isn’t a lighting show, it was clear just by looking at the lighting in this section that LED has arrived.

Companies like Fferrone and Artecnica, who also have tabletop and home products, both showcased beautiful pendants in their booths, where the shape and design of the fixture was the focus. They were both equipped with an LED bulb.

Pablo debuted several new LED pieces, probably the coolest of which was Lana; a flexible wool shade (“lana” is Spanish for wool) is equipped with a magnet and a touch-dim LED module on the inside, allowing the user to change the piece’s orientation and color temperature with ease — a continuation of the ability of customization we continue to see in lighting design.

Another lighting company in Accent on Design, Curio, debuted its first line at the market — a prototype version of an app and several Bluetooth-enabled LED lamp styles that it will release in November. The company’s “90-10” concept technology, which throws 90 percent of the emitted light down and 10 percent up, makes these pieces unique. As opposed to an array of LEDs, Curio’s lamps are equipped with a single light source based on scanner/printer technology.

Beyond looking sleek, CEO Walter Wu says he wants to transform the quality of light in people’s homes and how they use that light. I got a demo of the product and I can see why Wu is excited. He is doing what many in the decorative space aren’t yet attempting — designing specifically with LED’s (and controls’) capabilities in mind.

It's likely you'll see some of these products in upcoming issues of Residential Lighting, but I'm glad to give you a sneak peek here. Goodnight, New York.


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Nicole Bowling
Nicole Bowling

Nicole Bowling, Editor in Chief, has been with Residential Lighting magazine since 2012. In 2014, she was named one of FOLIO magazine's "20 in Their 20s," recognizing up-and-coming talent in media. She studied journalism at Northwestern University and lives in Boston.

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