New Energy Star Lighting Marketing Opportunity
July 1, 2014 - 1:47pm
Through Facebook, Energy Star will curate and promote manufacturer content.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is rolling out a new social media marketing campaign to promote the benefits of Energy Star®-certified LED lighting and raise awareness about the companies and products that earn the label.

The focal point will be a new dedicated Facebook tab that will be featured on the Energy Star page starting in September. It will also be available to energy-efficiency program sponsors and others throughout the vast Energy Star network to host on their Facebook pages as well. EPA will curate LED manufacturer marketing content and activities that highlight Energy Star for dissemination through the Facebook tab. This content will also be promoted through supporting social media channels such as Pinterest and Twitter and influential blogs.

Partner features can be as extensive and frequent as the content warrants. Desired content includes:

--Product or promotion images of certified product with prominence of the Energy Star logo

--Maximum 30-second videos on Energy Star-certified LED product or promotion with mention of Energy Star, the logo and ideally something that highlights the value and mark of quality

--Short and interesting/fun facts, trivia or past posts/tweets that can be repurposed on the product or promotion to be used in social media posts/tweets

--Links to blogs or news sites that spotlight the Energy Star LED product or promotion

--Exciting content like product launches, discounts/coupons and limited time promotions

--Favorable online customer ratings and reviews

As part of this effort, EPA would like to collaborate with LED manufacturers in working with influential bloggers (e.g. Big Green Purse, Treehugger, CNET, HGTV) to communicate what differentiates products based on their Energy Star certification and manufacturer features. LED manufacturers may be interested in supporting these activities by collaborating on blogger experience stories about their certified products.

Contact Taylor Jantz-Sell with any questions at [email protected].

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This sounds like a wonderful

This sounds like a wonderful opportunity to educate and promote public awareness of this fast changing field of the benefits of Energy Star-certified LED products and application in our homes, marketplaces and all activities that require the use of energy. We will look forward to the launch! Editor

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