More LED lighting products available for the home
April 14, 2009 - 12:00pm

With efficiency, size and the ability to focus on their side, LEDs are poised to take on a variety of residential applications in the here and now.

LED lighting LEDs’ color-changing capabilities have been utilized in the hospitality sector for years, but at home, the application is still on foreign ground. Acolyte positions itself ahead of the game with its RGB Ribbonlyte and the RGB Illumibend strip lighting (shown here in the blue cycle as controlled by Acolyte’s RGB controller).
LED lighting The new Design Pro LED path light from Kichler saves energy while reducing layout complexity and installation-related costs. To beef up its beauty with even more brawn, the landscape luminaire uses the next generation of LED chips for superior optics and a spot-on lighting effect.
LED lighting At .75” x .75”, Cooper brand io Lighting’s Line Series accent luminaire features a low-profile housing that fits snuggly into tight architectural spaces, such as niches, coves and casework. The low voltage system is powered by LEDs, which offer definition to three dimensional objects and add sparkle to reflective surfaces.
LED lighting While WAC Lighting’s new LEDme family of LED undercabinet fixtures (the light bars and button lights are shown here under the cabinets) is ideal for illuminating kitchen counters, the company’s InvisiLED Tape is an even better fit for tight spaces, such as the undersides of countertops and along toe kicks.
LED lighting To meet the growing demand for energy-efficient outdoor illumination, Access Lighting is beefing up its arsenal of LED offerings. A motion-activated fluorescent light by day, the company’s new Challenger wall fixture features an LED module that is triggered by a photocell at dusk.
LED lighting A relatively new application, LED surface-mounted fixtures from Sea Gull Lighting are offered as a retrofit for recessed cans. Powered by parent company Generation Brands’ new venture, Juice Works, these fixtures feature two color temperatures, full-range dimming and good light quality.
LED lighting The Pro-LED Series undercabinet fixture from Juno Lighting Group shines light just where it’s needed for food prep and other tasks. Thanks to its light output of 50 lumens per watt, the fixture uses one-eighth the energy of its halogen and xenon counterparts.
LED lighting LED round color-changing step lights from Bulbrite lend safety and energy savings to indoor and outdoor stair applications. Easy to install, the system responds to a remote, which controls color, changing speed and a sound sensor.
LED lighting Tech Lighting’s stylish, new Helios LED track head is designed to replace directional heads containing halogen MR16s on any of the company’s low voltage lighting systems. The newcomers use significantly less energy and have a lighter carbon footprint than fixtures with traditional lamp sources.
LED lighting Beckstone River Rock 12V LED paving stones from JoBe Lighting take advantage of solid-state technology’s unique characteristics—color, long life, durability, energy efficiency -- to offer innovative solutions for landscape lighting design.
LED lighting One of the first applications to realize the benefits of solid-state technology, LED desk lights now come in myriad shapes and styles. Lite Source’s Calipso lamp features a 3W LED at the end of an adjustable gooseneck frame.
LED lighting LEDs are well-suited to display objects, given their directional nature. American Lighting’s LED 4590 accent lighting also protects perishable items, thanks to proper heat sinkage, a key component of the solid-state fixture design.
LED lighting LEDs are most at home performing dramatic lighting effects. The Stratus LED linear wall grazer from Pure Lighting is a solution for accentuating the texture and shapes in walls, uniformly illuminating the vertical surfaces at a fraction of the wattage of similar systems that employ metal halide or halogen.

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