Molex Offers Licensing for LED Module Technology
March 8, 2012 - 4:02pm

On the heels of winning the Lightfair Intl. 2010 “Innovative Product of the Year” award for its Helieon Sustainable Light Module (shown here), Molex Inc. recently announced that it will be licensing its Helieon interconnect technology IP portfolio. This move enables lighting fixture manufacturers globally to develop products based on the technology, facilitating faster industry adoption.

“The Helieon module, developed jointly by Molex and Bridgelux, brings an important technology to the solid-state lighting market, says Mike Picini, Vice President of solid-state lighting for Molex. “We believe licensing of our technology offers the best path to broadening integration of Helieon, while further future-proofing the LED lighting experience.”

The Helieon module allows lighting environments to be easily changed or adapted by switching beam angles, color temperatures or light output at the module level, without any change in a fixture. This allows manufacturers to deliver a variety of lighting effects from a single luminaire design and to take advantage of future LED technology improvements, pre- or post-installation.

Emulating traditional lighting sockets, the Helieon module easily turns and locks into place while providing a long-lasting eco-friendly, durable LED solution that can deliver energy savings of up to 80 percent compared to incandescent.

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