Modern Fan Introduces Fan by Jorge Pensi
March 7, 2012 - 5:00pm

Renowned Spanish industrial designer Jorge Pensi has designed his first product for a U.S. company, a ceiling fan for the Modern Fan Company.

The fan, which debuted on Sept. 10, is made up of a group of simple cylinders that house the motor, blade rotor and lighting. A cylinder attaches the fan to the ceiling, travels through the motor and becomes the light at the bottom.

“We wanted continuity in the form,” says Ron Rezek, Founder and Principal Designer for the Oregon-based Modern Fan Company. “There isn’t a separate down rod, fan and light. It's a complete integrated design.”

The fan is made with die-cast and extruded aluminum, which can either be brushed with anthracite or covered in an all-white powder coating, and can come with or without the light fixture.

Pensi says it is difficult to put into words where he got his inspiration for the sleek design.

“Maybe a sensation of a hot afternoon in Malaysia: humidity, wet skin and the need of fresh air from the sky. The wind doesn't come, so you go inside to the bungalow, lie on bed and turn the fan on,” Pensi says. “Everything changes, the skin begins to dry and a certain sensation of happiness appears. When you take a look at the ceiling you realize that the artifact that transformed your humor is beautiful, clean, simple, pure, a non-disturbing presence.”

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