Meet the New Faces at ALA
March 30, 2012 - 3:34pm

If you don’t meet her from behind the lens at the Dallas Market or ALA’s annual conference, you might meet ALA Communications Manager Leslie Ellis when she comes knocking at your showroom door soliciting story ideas for the association’s newsletter.

“Our members are doing so many great things,” Ellis says. “It’s my goal to make sure they’re represented. I’m focused on getting more coverage of our industry in the media.”

Ellis, who joined the ALA team in May, serves as Lightrays Editor and focuses much of her efforts on strategic marketing for ALA education programs and the annual conference.

“In the coming year, I’m really looking forward to meeting more members and [discovering] what’s going on in their world,” Ellis says. “So far, everyone has been so good to work with. I want to increase the lighting industry’s visibility and share their stories.”

Elizabeth Ware’s experience in the performing arts serves her well in her new position as ALA Program Coordinator.

“In the theater, we’re always presented with new problems to solve, and that’s a lot of what my job at ALA is,” Ware says. “It all comes down to doing what needs to be done. The show must go on.”

With the association for 10 months, Ware is responsible for managing big projects, such as the conference, membership campaign, Performance/Profitability Survey and showroom networking groups. She also handles registration for ALA’s online education.

ALA President Dick Upton is a busy man, and keeping him organized is his very own Wizard of Oz, Executive Assistant Cecilia Chavez.

“It’s exciting to see and be a part of the growth the industry is experiencing,” Chavez says.

Since she began at ALA late last year, Chavez has had her hands in everything from government affairs to conference logistics.


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