MaxLite Creates New Online Education Program
June 11, 2012 - 3:32pm
MaxLite Lighting and Technology University offers in-person and online courses on the latest lighting technology.
MaxLite Lighting and Technology University conducts a custom training session.
MaxLite Lighting and Technology University conducts a custom training session.

Lighting manufacturer MaxLite recently introduced a new program to educate employees and the industry on new developments in lighting technology.

Blake Adams, who works in the company’s Training and Graphic Design Department and helped create the program, says MaxLite Lighting and Technology University was initially created to bring MaxLite employees up to speed on the latest lighting technology but the program’s reach has since expanded.

“The program was initially put together to keep our own employees educated on everything in our industry, including LEDs, our products and lighting terminology, particularly for people who came to us without a lighting background,” Adams says. “As we’ve gone forward, that’s branched out to include our reps and people in the industry who attend lunch and learns our reps offer.”

The program website, which is now open to the public, offers over 30 product modules, which are continually updated to reflect the most current data.

“The product training modules give a breakdown of all products in a presentation people can go through at their own pace,” Adams says. “Also, many of the terms are linked to pages with definitions and images. We’ve found this to be especially helpful for new hires and anyone interested in the lighting industry because there is so much terminology that is used and it can be pretty confusing.”

The website also features an “Earn Your Lighting Degree” section which will go live in July. Visitors will have the opportunity to log in and take online courses on a variety of lighting topics and earn a certificate and CEUs at the end of each section.

Visitors to the site can also access an archive of MaxLite’s monthly webinar series, as well as other external educational resources, such as webinars from the American Lighting Assn. MaxLite offers webinars on various lighting topics live on the last Thursday of each month. The next webinar, “LED Troffers Can Be Less Costly than Fluorescent,” will take place June 28 at noon Eastern and afterward will be added to the online archive.

Since the program’s launch earlier this year, presentations have been made to a range of lighting and energy professionals across the country. The company is currently planning an extensive schedule of events throughout the year, and custom sessions are available upon request.

So far, Adams says the reaction to the program from users has been encouraging.

“So far, the response has been very positive. I’ve heard stories of people using it in all different ways,” Adams says. “Our salespeople like to pull it up during lunch and learns and use it to teach about our products and clear up confusion on different terms in lighting. Our employees have also been using it, and it’s been a big, big success.”

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